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It’s Easter soon! I hope my little adult baby is ready to meet the Easter Bunny? I am so excited about taking my ab/dl to the mall to shop for a new Easter dress. Wouldn’t that be loads of fun? Mommy Star will buy you a dress with a matching bonnet and rumba panties to match. Won’t aby look so cute bending over and showing off her panties while she looks for eggs during the Easter egg Hunt? I hope all my adult babies and sissy babies will get all dressed up in your Easter dresses and visit Mommy Star in the Phone a Mommy chat room where I will be passing out Easter Baskets and Cadburys eggs and giving away free 5 min with every call. Click my name bellow to enter chat.

I have so many callers who love to do calls with me while wearing diapers. Since I am a diaper lover (as well as being a mommy to adult baby) I know how hot and sexy wearing a diaper makes me feel. I get so horny knowing you’re wearing your diaper at the other end of the phone, and I know you're pooping in your diaper as I put my hand in my diaper and rub my kitty. I just love having sex in a diaper and I’m diapered and ready to play with you.

I know all my adult baby’s and diaper lovers addles love story time with Mommy . You know right about the time when abie gets fussy and tries to fight sleepy time by rubbing your eyes and sucking your thumb. You are very sleepy.. And Mommy lets you cuddle with her, let's lay your head on my chest. Mommy pulls her shirt down and begins to nurse you, her hand softly patting your back in a soft rhythm. Aww does my abie like being fed? Well how about a story? I’ll make it a very good one… Once upon a time there was a abdl Mommy named Star and she had the most adorable adult baby who she just adored….. Call Mommy for your ABDL bedtime story

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