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Big girl today
March 16, 2016
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Mistress Liz
March 20, 2016

When my adult son came to me a few years ago to tell me he was unhappy. I naturally wanted to know why. He then told me that he would love to go back to being my baby boy again. He explained to me how much he missed me having to diaper him before bed at night and even when I gave him his bare bottom spankings when he had done something bad. He said he felt the most loved by me during those times because he knew it was all out of love and care for him that I did these things. It was a huge comfort to him. I was so touched by how sweet he was telling me all of these things that I decided to tell him that if he wanted to go back to being my baby that I would love to put him back in diapers and even give him spankings if he didn’t behave himself the way mommy would like. This is how my baby Cammie came to be my adult baby. Call Tawny 888-430-2010VG1001-005

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