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When you are with mommy, that is your moment in time where nothing else matters. It is just you and mommy, and her warm and succulent mammary glands are like warm and sweet orbs that calm, soothe, comfort, and satisfy you from the top of your head to the sole of your feet. Feel free to smile, chuckle or even coo when you see how mommy lovingly looks in your eyes as she gives you exactly what you need – her very essence, her warm, creamy, sweet, and delicious milk. This liquid gold will become a part of you, and you will be a part of mommy. And when you have suckled and devoured all that you can to your heart’s consent, your protruding belly that has been filled with all of mommy’s tender goodness will need to release into your padded diapers.

Do not be afraid to release all the contents of your bladder into the pretty diaper that mommy dressed you in. That is the purpose of the diapers, to keep you safe, warm, and comforted. A diaper is your friend that will be there with you until the very end – catching your piss when you release it and holding your hand through the best and worst of time and never letting you go. When you let go and be free, you will enjoy the feeling of a warm stream of urine saturating your little wee-wee and soft and fleshy marbles. The feeling is so pleasant, and it is a pleasure for you to be drenched in your own piss. You feel the diaper expand and droop as the amount of piss released is more than the average person can release. You start to worry that you will leak out of your diaper and that is when mommy comes to the rescue to clean you up, change you and make you feel right at home. Whenever mommy gives you what you need, it is something that you needed so badly and only mommy could fill that void.

And when mommy decides to change you, it is a special moment that is not rushed – but it is savored. Mommy makes sure to think of all of the ways to make diaper changing time a very special time.  Mommy will sometimes use soft music or romantic aromatic candles to set the mood and that is when the magic with mommy begins. Mommy’s soft hands were created for massaging you and mommy’s touch is there to eradicate all loneliness. So, when mommy removes your soiled diaper and wipes you down to remove all traces of urine and/or even shit – you will let mommy know how grateful you are for having her as the mommy in your life. The mommy that can provide you with guidance and direct you and give you that loving feeling of age regressing as you wear your diapers for the rest of your life.

Mommy knows that you have little baby parts inside of your diaper and at times mommy may play with your tiny little parts in a game before mommy fully diapers you. Playing with your tiny parts can include anything from massaging, fondling, licking, or doing diaper sex with mommy. Even though diaper sex can also be done alone, mommy loves it when you include her also in all the sexual fun. Mommy has so many toys and gadgets to use on you and mommy will lube you up very well too. Sometimes mommy will show love to you by entering you from behind and before you know it, you would have been penetrated by mommy’s strap-on. Mommy knows that anal sex may be a bit painful, not only the first time, but times afterwards as well and that is why mommy will lube you up enough for you to feel mostly pleasure and less pain when mommy gleefully fucks you in your ass.

Remember, mommy always oversees you and mommy will not lead you on the wrong path. This is how mommy shows you that you are number one and taking care of you is top priority. There are times when mommy will need to dress up some babies as sissy babies and that will include using girly pampers and even colors such as pink, peach, white, lavender, and yellow to use for little diapers, pacis or even baby doll dresses and it is so fitting to see how much fun mommy’s sissy babies enjoy themselves. They can be themselves with mommy and not be judged. Mommy accepts and loves all her babies and knows exactly what each baby will need. Sometimes a nice firm hand is best at times when babies decide to act up, get out of line and not listen to mommy so spankings would be best to get babies back on the right track when they have strayed away from the path that they should be on. Even though mommy would instill this type of discipline, mommy still does and always will care.

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