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    I am Mommy Patty, and I am the supreme dommy mommy. I have a severe, brutal, and authoritarian demeanor. You will get turned on by my presence. I love to relish in all sorts of fantasies and fetishes, where I can inflict moderate to severe punishments on you. I am not the dommy mommy that you seek out if you want a nurturing mommy. I am the one that you come to when you know that you have been bad, and I will punish you for what you did. I will determine what I will apply to you based on what naughty thing that you did. If I desire to chastise you with my bare hand or employ a leather belt or even a spiked paddle, I will choose what punishment you will accept. And, if you are the type that has a masochistic streak and you believe that you are going to cum after you undergo your first whipping from me – think again.

   You are not going to cum without me telling you that you can cum. I do not care how horny your dirty tiny dick is – you will not spill your jizz until I want you to do spill it. You will wait if you want to have an orgasm, for you will be denied every time you want to cum. I control you, and your dick is attached to your sad and miserable body, which means that I also own it. Even if you want to piss out of that smelly little worm of yours, you will ask me first. And the same goes for if you want to take a shit. You will have to hold in your crappy load until your stomach cramps up, and your asshole hurts like hell until you get clearance from me that you can shit.

  If you beg me, it won’t make a difference because my mind is already made up, and all of my decisions concerning you are final – there will be no negotiations. And when I want to ensure that you know your place, I will remind you by strapping on my biggest dildo with no lubrication while I separate your ass cheeks and violently fuck you hard enough that tears will stream down your face. Cry if you want to because your tears are nothing to me, and they won’t make me feel sorry for you. You are a little pathetic fuck, and your feelings are always secondary to mine. You are here to please me and worship me at all times, and you follow as I lead. I will laugh at you while I am fucking you, and if you attempt to get away from me, I will grab your hips, spank your ass and fuck you even harder than before. You will feel me inside of your soft and pudgy stomach because that is how deep I will push my dildo inside of you. And when I am done – you will turn around and clean it off thoroughly with your tongue.

Call Me 1-888-430-2010

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October 1, 2023
Mommy’s Little Pet
Mommy Candy is going to make her little submissive sissy into a well trained little pet.  You will crawl around all your hands and knees and be at mommy’s beck and call.  Mommy will have a special collar made just for you.  Letting everyone know who you are, what you are and who you belong to. That way when we go out mommy can attach your leash to your cute little collar.  Mommy will also have special butt plugs made for you, ones with bushy tails attached.  That way mommy can choose which animal pet you will be.  Maybe an adorable puppy or a cuddly kitty cat, or something else completely. Mommy just loves to see you wag that tail, shaking your cute little butt.  Sit up and beg and show mommy what a good […]
October 1, 2023
Gregory Gets A Pretty New Babysitter
“I told you, your opinion on this matter is moot,” said Brenda when Gregory begged her to cancel the babysitter she had hired to look after him while she went out for the evening. Brenda had hired Jessica to look after him while she went on a date. Jessica was the daughter of a neighbor and a senior in high school who was willing that evening. Before Gregory could try to reason again with Brenda, the doorbell rang, and she opened the door to the babysitter. Gregory was lovestruck by Jessica’s figure. She had long brown hair, perky boobs, and was very beautiful. While Gregory played in his room, Brenda went over the house rules with Jessica and explained his bedtime routine and how he needed a bath roughly an hour before bed. Brenda and […]