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  I am 49 years old with beautiful long auburn hair. I am fortunate enough to have a voluptuous and comforting 32D bust, and I was born in Georgia; some will say that I am a sweet Georgia Peach because I am a charming girl from the South. I have a smile that lights up any room, and when I walk and sashay my hips, all eyes follow. I am indeed a womanly woman, and I command attention wherever I go. I am a sweet mommy that has experience taking care of an adult baby for many years. I did everything in my power to make him feel nurtured, happy, and comfortable. He had a serious bedwetting issue, and his diaper would always leak out unto his sheets - even though I dressed him in plastic pants over his diapers, it did not matter. He expressed so much liquid in such a large volume nightly that it was impossible for any. I would change the sheets in his ABDL crib, and quickly afterward, I would put him back into his crib and change his wet diapers. I fed him with a spoon when I gave him adult baby food, which was blended fruits and vegetables in a stew-like paste. This concoction of food was rather tasteless and bland, but this is what he could eat as an adult baby. He never ate without a bib around his neck because he was such a messy eater. Food would end up all over his face, but his shirt was always free from food splash and splatter. He looked so adorable every time he looked up at me with his big brown eyes when I fed him. It was as if I held the key to his every meal, and without me taking care of him, he would starve. When I bathed him, washed, and combed his hair, I always made sure that he had his favorite toy, which was a tiny multi-colored inflated ball. We would play with that inflated ball on occasion when I gave him his bath, and he loved playtime in the bath. This was an escape from the world where he could let his guard down and have someone he trusts take control and take over his care.

I would tuck him into his ABDL crib at night, and I would read him a different story every night from one of the bedtime books he had in his library collection. I never really knew in advance what he wanted to hear. It would just be a mood that would depend on what kind of day he had. Sometimes he would want to hear about animals, and other nights he would want me to read him stories about faraway lands. His face always lit up when I read to him, and he always stared at me ever so intently. He looked at me with such a zoned focus, and that was for him not to miss any of the animated expressions on my face. Some stories were his favorite, and I read them so much to him that he even knew his favorite parts in them before I read that part. I would be so energized at various points from specific scenes in the books, and he would clap his hands at the end of the stories and say, "Thank you, Mommy." This ABDL baby relied on me for everything. He knew that I was a stable and solid presence in his life, and he would need me for him to function properly. He was dependent on me, and he did not hide it. I provided everything he needed, and then one day, he had to because of business responsibilities. He had mixed feelings about moving because he would have to learn basic things all over again, and this is because I did indeed spoil him with my presence, my charm, and my nurturing personality. He depended on me to log in on his computer to pay various bills. When someone called because they needed access to his house to check a meter, I would take the call and be present when the person showed up at the house.

If the front yard and side lawn were getting out of control and other parts of his garden needed tending to, I would be the person that would meet with the landscapers and negotiate lower rates on his behalf. When he would become anxious and overwhelmed at times, I would be the one to give him the respective prescribed medications received from his primary care physician – to calm his nerves. Doing all this for someone and then abruptly having to stop because they are leaving the state for a job opportunity can be quite a shock to his system. I had to put him on a daily schedule to follow when he moved to his new location, not to be lost without me. I was the mommy that he always wanted, needed, trusted, loved, and never had before. Though I am a sweet and nurturing mommy, I can also be very stringent, arduous, and uncompromising when someone misbehaves. I believe that discipline should always be portable, so I always carry a wooden hairbrush in my purse for spanking emergencies. Those who decide amongst themselves that they are going to misbehave have an idea of what is coming next. They are not rookies at this, as they have been a part of the ABDL lifestyle for a long time. Many act up on purpose because they crave the lashes from my hard wooden brush. And when I feel like it, I will also administer bare-handed spankings on naughty ABDL baby's bottoms. Although, depending on the naughty baby that I am playing with, I will either punish them or be naughty right along with them. I also love to play dress-up with sissies and tease them. I am always up for a bit of humiliation also as I find it quite exciting. It all depends on my mood for the day. I walk a thin line between being a nurturer and a disciplinarian; therefore, I am a combination of both.

Call Me 1-888-430-2010

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July 18, 2024
Alex Wins His First Abdl Pageant!
The auditorium was a sea of pastel colors and the soft murmur of excited voices. At the center of it all, standing nervously on stage, was Alex. He adjusted the collar of his baby blue onesie, feeling both out of place and utterly exposed. He had wanted to join the pageant when Aunt Brenda suggested it, but Alex was getting very nervous now. “Next up, we have Alex!” The emcee’s voice boomed over the microphone, causing Alex to jump slightly. He took a deep breath and stepped forward, the spotlight enveloping him in a warm, blinding glow. The audience fell silent, their eyes fixed on him. “Hi, everyone,” Alex managed to squeak, his voice cracking under the pressure. He cleared his throat and tried again, this time with more confidence. “I’m Alex, and I’m… weally […]
July 17, 2024
John Gets a Surprise Photo Shoot! (part 3)
(part 2) Feeling emboldened, Johnny leaned forward slightly, letting the blanket slip off his shoulders. Sarah seized the opportunity, snapping photos. Towards the end of the shoot, Sarah proposed one final series of shots. “I want to capture the transition back to reality,” she explained, leading Johnny to a mirror propped against the wall. “Look at yourself, Johnny. See how beautiful you are in this moment.” Standing before the mirror, Johnny saw a reflection unlike any he had seen before. The onesie, the diaper, and the gentle expression on his face were all part of a strangely authentic persona. He turned to Sarah, his eyes questioning yet accepting. “Take a deep breath,” Sarah encouraged, her hand resting lightly on his shoulder. “Feel the weight of the experience. And then… let it go.” Johnny inhaled deeply, […]