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If you ever pondered about what the perfect girl next door looks like, it would be me, Amanda. I have the ideal face, delicate and luscious lips, a sultry body, and beautiful long blonde hair. I am the type of girl that any guy would be fortunate to have on their arm. One thing about me is that I am such an introvert when I am first getting to know you. But give me some time to let my guard down, and you will see the wild gal I am on the inside. Anything that you can think of, no matter how raunchy and sexy it is – try it with me, and you will see how much I will hop to the occasion to satisfy your most erogenous and kinkiest fantasies. I am flexible, petite, and fit, making it easy to maneuver myself into any sexual position you can envision. Maybe you may want to pick my petite body up and put me on the top of the washing machine and fuck my snug cunt while it is on the spin cycle, or maybe you would like to vigorously bend me over your coffee table and fuck me in my tight, pink puckered asshole.

Even taking a shower with me will fulfill your wildest fantasies. Because of my small stature, you can easily pick me up and position me above you so that I can slide my wet, tight, and sweet pussy onto your hard and slippery cock. I would savor this immensely because I love to fuck, and the raunchier the fantasy or the fetish, the better. I won’t even complain if you get carried away and call me a dirty little cum collecting slut or a filthy cock sucking dirty whore during your orgasm. I will never take anything you say to me in the heat of the moment in an offensive manner. My pussy gets wetter the more you tell me dirty words, so don’t hold back – go ahead and give me all that you have got! All I want is for you to use me in any possible way that you can for your ultimate satisfaction and pleasure.

I also can take care of you as if you were my cute baby. I will show you how my soft lips feel on your delicious penis when I take my soft, wet, and warm mouth to kiss and suck on your perfect dick after I give you a warm and soothing bubble bath. Then as I continue to rub your cock, you won’t be able to remain flaccid anymore because I won’t stop rubbing your tantalizing dick until it hardens in my soft hand. So, close your eyes and allow me to stroke your dick up and down. Then let me use my hands so that they can go up and down your shaft while my pointy finger slightly circles the tip of your gratifying dick. I am pure pleasure, and it is time for you to experience me.

Call Me 1-888-430-2010

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June 5, 2024
Paul is Turned Into A Baby! (part 2)
(part 1) Paul was a bit apprehensive, but he trusted her; he had always trusted her, so he sat back and allowed himself to drop his worry and enjoy how he felt being transformed into a baby. The transformation happened gradually. At first, it was just physical changes. Paul’s body shrank until he was the size of a newborn baby. His clothes became too big, and Brenda brought out some baby clothes for him to wear. She giggled as she dressed him in a cute onesie and a pair of tiny socks. As the physical transformation continued, he also began to feel different on the inside. His thoughts and emotions started to change, becoming simpler and more innocent. He felt a sense of wonder and curiosity that he hadn’t felt since childhood. Brenda was delighted […]
June 5, 2024
Paul is Turned Into A Baby! (part 1)
Brenda had always been the one to take care of Paul in their relationship. Some people saw it as odd, how she was more of a mother than anything to him, but it worked wonderfully for the both of them. It was no surprise then that when she heard about the new pill that could turn adults into babies for a day, she immediately thought of trying it on him. “It’s supposed to help adults relax and let go of their responsibilities,” she explained excitedly to him as they sat on the couch in their small apartment. “You’ve been so stressed lately, I thought it might be just the thing for you.” Paul raised an eyebrow skeptically. He had always been wary of new and untested treatments. “I don’t know, Brenda. Turning into a baby […]