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My name is Mommy Brianna, and I am the ideal sensual mommy you need because I am striking, soft-spoken, personable, kind, and my busty 42 DDD soft, supple and mammoth tits are what you want to make all of your breastfeeding dreams come true. My body is so voluptuous, smooth, and warm, and when I hug you, you will want me never to let you go because you will want to escape into my sweet tits. I also smell great because I like to use various aromatic oils that I dab on my body – especially between my breasts - so your senses will be pleased when I tuck you between my massive tits. You won’t even bother with a pacifier or any of your toys when you feast your eyes on my tits for the very first time.

You are my adorable baby, and therefore you are exceptional, and I will treat you as such. When it is time for you to close your eyes and drift off to la-la land, you won’t be by yourself all alone in your bed. You will lay next to me in bed, and I will be completely naked. Then, I will put your head on my huge titties and use them as pillows, and when you want a delicious and filling midnight snack, you will never have to leave the bed because my delicious nipples will give you all of the milk from my juicy breasts. Just open up your hungry mouth and feel for my tasty hard nipple in the dark of night and when you latch on to it, drink as much as you want to your delight. Draw out as much of my fatty titty milk as possible and drink to your heart’s delight.

And when you want to make gluey cummies in your full little diaper, you won’t have to worry because I will take your hand and lead it to my sweet honey hole pussy between my legs. Once you feel how puffy and wet my cunt is, your finger will become an explorer as your make it travel all around my silky pussy lips and inside and out of my tight and wet cunt hole. You will gently pinch my clit and feel how hard it is, and then you will see how just like a faucet, I will leak sweet juices out on your hand, just for you. And the more that you touch me on my bare cunt and see how excited it makes me, and as you listen to my soft moans in your ear – it won’t be long until you shoot cum out of your cock into your diaper. But don’t take advantage of mommy for being so gentle and kind and misbehave with me. I will not want to have to do it, but I will have to spank your little bottom to teach you a lesson, and when it stings you and hurts, I will take my delicate hands and rub your tiny tushy to make you feel better.

Call Me 1-888-430-2010

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October 1, 2023
Mommy’s Little Pet
Mommy Candy is going to make her little submissive sissy into a well trained little pet.  You will crawl around all your hands and knees and be at mommy’s beck and call.  Mommy will have a special collar made just for you.  Letting everyone know who you are, what you are and who you belong to. That way when we go out mommy can attach your leash to your cute little collar.  Mommy will also have special butt plugs made for you, ones with bushy tails attached.  That way mommy can choose which animal pet you will be.  Maybe an adorable puppy or a cuddly kitty cat, or something else completely. Mommy just loves to see you wag that tail, shaking your cute little butt.  Sit up and beg and show mommy what a good […]
October 1, 2023
Gregory Gets A Pretty New Babysitter
“I told you, your opinion on this matter is moot,” said Brenda when Gregory begged her to cancel the babysitter she had hired to look after him while she went out for the evening. Brenda had hired Jessica to look after him while she went on a date. Jessica was the daughter of a neighbor and a senior in high school who was willing that evening. Before Gregory could try to reason again with Brenda, the doorbell rang, and she opened the door to the babysitter. Gregory was lovestruck by Jessica’s figure. She had long brown hair, perky boobs, and was very beautiful. While Gregory played in his room, Brenda went over the house rules with Jessica and explained his bedtime routine and how he needed a bath roughly an hour before bed. Brenda and […]