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September 11, 2022

Daddy’s Good Girl

    I just love being daddy’s special little girl.  When I’m a good girl, daddy gives me a very special treat.  He always knows how to make me feel so good.  Being daddy’s diaper girl means I get lots of special attention.  Sometimes daddy gets so excited, he just pulls my diaper to the side and puts his big hard cock inside my little wet pussy. When daddy does that, I just can’t help myself and I let out a low moan and then squirt all over him and my diaper.  Daddy laughs when I do that and then he starts fucking me hard and fast.  I love when daddy uses me for his needs.  I would do anything for daddy. Daddy is the best and he makes me feel so good.  And if […]
June 26, 2022

Wanna Play?

Wanna Play?: Are you a diaper lover? Do you have a diaper fetish? Are you an ab/dl? Me too!  I just love everything to do with diapers, and I love doing everything while wearing diapers. Do you want to play with me and my diapers? We would have so much fun. Diapers are the best. I just love wearing and using my diapers. It gets so warm and squishy and feels so good against my body. It makes my pussy get excited and wets my diaper more than pee does. I love sitting and bouncing in my dirty diaper, and diapers are meant to be filled. We could both fill our diapers and then take turns changing and cleaning each other. I will take my time cleaning you all up and rubbing the baby powder […]
December 18, 2021

Daddy Fucks Me Good

    My favorite pastime is daddy daughter sex.  I get so worked up thinking about the fun I’ll have when daddy finally gets home.  By the time daddy comes through the door, my diaper and my pussy are soaked in anticipation.  I can hardly wait for my special time with daddy.  Daddy loves to fuck me in my diaper, Daddy tells me all the time that he looks forward all day to fucking his little diaper girl.  As soon as daddy walks in, I can see how excited he is right away.  My mouth starts watering as my pussy gets wetter at the thought of daddy’s big throbbing cock.  Once the door closes behind daddy, I crawl over on my hands and knees, diapered butt in the air. As soon as I get to […]
December 4, 2021

Dirty Fun With Stacey

    Oops I made a mess in my diaper.  I need daddy to take care of me.  I call for daddy to come to me.  Daddy comes into my room and smells me immediately.  He crinkles his nose and I blush as I look away.  Daddy knows how excited I get when I make a dirty mess in my diaper.  Especially when it’s daddy who takes care of me and changes my stinky butt. I just love when daddy and I have poop sex.  It makes me so very wet to think of daddy spreading my dirty cheeks to put his cock inside my shitty asshole.  The feel of his mushroom head pushing into me gets me so turned on that my pussy is dripping.  I start moaning softly as daddy penetrates me deeper […]
August 30, 2021

Naughty Girl Gets Naughty With Daddy!

After a hard day, I have to say that there really isn’t that much that makes me feel better as well as a nice thick diaper! Two or three, somedays, and don’t forget the plastic pants. Cloth diapers are what I like to wear most of the time, but disposable does make an appearance every now and then. Best part of that, though, is when my dominant Daddy puts me in my diapers first thing when I get home or gives me a diaper change after I’ve filled mine up. He knows just how to treat a diaper girl like me! He knows how much I love diaper changes, the attention that he gives me, the tender care that he shows me while he cleans me all up, and how well he fucks me during […]
March 11, 2021

Daddy’s Good Girl

    Daddy came home early to find his little princess busy in the kitchen making him a snack.  Such a good girl for daddy.  Daddy smiled and walked up behind you, pressing his hardening cock to your cute little bottom.  Daddy could feel your ABDL diaper through your panties.  Mmmm someone feels a little squishy. Daddy steps away and reaches between your thighs to squeeze your wet diaper, pushing against your aroused little cunt.  As a moan escapes your parted lips, daddy lets go and steps away.  With a whimper, you turn and look at daddy with beseeching eyes.  Please daddy… Oh?  Please daddy, what?  Hmmm tell daddy what his little ddlg needs… Daddy stands there with his arms crossed looking at you, waiting.  You slowly drop to your knees and crawl to daddy […]
September 7, 2020

Diaper Girl Fun!

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