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February 1, 2021

Using ABDL Hypnosis Techniques On My Diaper Boy

The snow just started falling and I wanted to use this moment to try something new with my diaper boy.  We were high up in the Catskill Mountains in a cabin and it was nice and warm and as we sat around the fireplace, drinking hot chocolate and looking at the snow fall gently to the ground.  I told him to focus on how slowly the snowflakes fell and then to clear his mind of anything that does not need to be there. I told him to now close his eyes and imagine that the now was there to bathe away all of his stress and that the falling snow was his stress just dropping off from him.  I expressed to him that when he felt free and less burdened that he should do the […]
January 25, 2019

Adult baby crawls for punishment

Today, my stepson made me so angry! I was very specific about all of the chores I needed for him today before I returned home from the store. He didn’t do any of them and I was furious. There was only option, I was going to have to transform from loving step mommy, to a mean Domme Mommy mistress. He wasn’t ready. I came in the door and calmly went to my room. I stripped down and put on my leather outfit that bares my breasts and told him to come to my room. He was in complete surprise. I made him drop to his knees and crawl over to me. He was trembling and shaking, but I didn’t care because I needed to teach him a lesson. While he was on my knees I […]
February 23, 2009

Feet Play!

Cum rub Mommies Feet! Mommy needs her feet rubbed and her toenails painted my little dumpling. Ahhhh,~ I know how much you like the feel of mommies panty hose. Take them off me dear and rub your mommies feet, they are sore after wearing my high heels all day. That’s my good boy suck those toes you know how Mommy loves that! Mommy Sara 1-888-430-2010