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January 1, 2023

Jimmy Takes a Peek of His Stepmom Amanda!

The door to Amanda’s bedroom stood ajar when Jimmy walked across the hallway. He’d almost made it to his bedroom next door when, from the edge of his peripheral vision, he caught his stepmother, Amanda, exercising in front of the full-length mirror on the north wall. He lingered, watching her through the narrow crack as she did a little bounce, her tits jiggling in time with her movements. Years of intense exercise had left her with a pair of swollen 34DD breasts that defied gravity, with prominent and usually hard nipples. He watched her turn to look over one shoulder, checking out her bubble butt, tucked nicely inside the gray high-waist spandex shorts she was wearing. Her asscheeks were thick as she did her little bounce again, and they wobbled delightfully. Jimmy’s cock was quickly […]