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June 28, 2021

Olivia, Step Mommy Tawny’s New Sexy Submissive ABDL Girl

Olivia tried to test me.  When I first met her she told me that she was a ddlg and she ran away from him because he started ignoring the safe word when they would play. This is something that a dominant should never do because it makes the submissive lose trust in the entire session and trust in the dominant.  A person has to feel safe with you when they play as they are just going into a situation where things could be happening in their body and they use a safe word to halt the play if it is getting too intense and ignoring it is a definite no-no. So when Olivia admitted to me that she was an abdl when she called phoneamommy – I wanted to get to know her and what […]
December 5, 2020

Seasons Beatings, Santa!

Oh, what do we have here? It seems like poor little Santa got stuck trying to exit from my home through my chimney. It appears that someone has been indulging in too many milk and cookies. I don’t think you are going anywhere, darling. Once you are bold and brave enough to break into Dommy Mommy Scarlet’s home, you become my property. Those are my rules, sweetheart.  Don’t look so scared as it appears that you have been a very bad boy for the holidays and it is only fitting that you be punished for being so very naughty.  Now, I hear you begging and pleading for me to help you out, but all of that begging is in vain as you are not going anywhere! I am so happy to see that you are […]