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June 8, 2023

Mimi Gets A New Boy Toy!

  Standing out in a crowd was familiar to Mimi; at least once everyone saw her. It only took one person to notice her and start to whisper to their friends for her to get most of the attention in a room, her petite frame drawing eyes wherever she went. Undeterred by her stature, she sought love and companionship like anyone else. Her search for a partner led her through a string of encounters with towering men who easily eclipsed her height. Mimi quickly discovered that height wasn’t the only thing that mattered to her. She found herself drawn to softer, more feminine men. Easily led and bendable. One day, Mimi met Alex, a man whose timid nature and soft-hearted demeanor intrigued her. They arranged to meet for coffee at a cozy café, their first […]
January 21, 2023

Brenda Discovers Eric’s Diaper Secret! (Part 1)

Eric wore blue button-ups and beige khaki pants to work today, his bottom and crotch areas bulgy and slightly disproportional to the rest of his outfit. His coworker, Brenda, had a sneaking suspicion that he’d also been wearing diapers underneath for the past week. Still, there was no way of knowing for sure. She’d resorted to subtle jibes and raunchy name-calling, as was common practice for most of their day-to-day interaction. When Brenda had sauntered by two days ago, Eric had been stacking supply boxes in the back of the storeroom. “Anyone smell a dirty diaper?” She’d teased, smacking Eric’s voluptuous bum as she passed. “Serious bubble-butt action there, Eric. Too bad you don’t wear something a lot tighter.” “Quit it,” he’d jerked, deflecting her fingers, “or I’ll report you to Human Resources.” “It’s best […]
December 25, 2022

Brenda Sees Something Teeny Tiny!

Brenda had been dating Eric for over a month when she decided to get a little more aggressive in getting him in her bed. She had been dropping some heavy hints, getting in close to let him know she was interested. She could tell he was interested right back; something always seemed to pull him back at the last second. When he walked her to her front door, they kissed, making out hot and heavy, till she started tugging him through the door. She whispered about how wet she was, how badly she wanted him inside her, and he finally gave in! He pressed her back flush against the heavy oak door once they got inside, claiming her rosy, pink lips with his own, even before Brenda could demur. Yet, she wasn’t sure she would […]
September 13, 2020

Sexy Stepmommy Tawny

Aww, daddy left you at home and you are feeling a little blue, are you? Well you should really be considering yourself lucky that your devoted daddy found himself a sexy MILF like me to be your new step mommy. I have experience under my belt that so many of these wanna be’s who came your daddy’s way can’t claim. I have gotten the chance to take care of countless little adult baby and sissy sweethearts. All types of them. I am known for enforcing strict rules and having a very no nonsense attitude. Nothing gets past me, and I keep all of my babies in line with ruthless punishment. I am not afraid to get creative either, so you had better stay on your toes! Feel like talking back? That is just fine with […]
May 31, 2020

SPH From Mommy

What exactly am I looking at here? It appears to be… but no… it could not possibly be… a penis? I have been an ABDL mommy for quite a long time and I have yet to have ever seen something quite so itty bitty little! Look at how it jumps and twitches before I ever even lay a finger on it. All it takes is for me to take my finger dangerously close to the tip of that teeny little thing, and it starts throbbing and trying to get hard. I say trying because although it is physically getting harder and swollen, it does nothing to increase or add to the size, or lack thereof. You poor baby. This is why an adult baby needs their mommy. Do you think any other woman in this […]
May 2, 2020

ABDL SPH Phone Sex

If there is one thing that ABDL sweeties need to be reminded of once in a while (or more often), it is their little tiny peepees. Those naughty babies just do not always understand that those little things are practically useless to anyone else. An ABDL mommy just has a way with working on those little cocks, and a baby must be made to understand that! It is a good idea to show those babies just how tiny it is by having them stand in front of a floor length mirror while I yank their diaper down around their ankles. At this time, they are always limp and flaccid, their micro dicks almost inverting because they are so tiny. I tend to laugh at this point. I can’t help but laugh, but I do not […]
December 2, 2019

Smelling Messy Diapers in Public

Sometimes when I am out shopping for some new adult baby clothes or toys, or when I find myself in the grocery store, I will be walking around minding my own business and suddenly catch a strong whiff of something terribly stinky and all too familiar… This ABDL Mommy has a nose that is used to seeking out even the most discreet of babies when they have big poopy accidents. After I smell it, I always take a moment or two to glance all around me, using my Mommy eyes to diligently scan my surroundings to find the source of that smell. It never takes too long to find the nervous, blushing ABDL shuffling from foot to foot as they attempt to mask the truth of what lies inside of that thick, saggy diaper. When […]
August 9, 2019

Little Bitty Roger

June had been dating Roger for several months now and had started to notice that something was different about him. Where her past boyfriends had been quick to get her into bed, Roger seemed the total opposite, like she had to pin him down if she wanted to get any! After another date that ended in nothing but passionate kissing and a goodnight from him, June decided to get a little sneaky. She pretended to leave his place but instead hid in his closet, spying on her boyfriend. He started to get ready for bed, undressing right in front of his curious date, unbeknownst to him. June gasped when he took off his boxers- he had a pathetically tiny cock! She couldn’t stifle her giggle and Roger froze, not sure if it was just his […]