Sissy Penelope Gets A Bit Naughty
June 5, 2023
Brenda Turns Man Into Her Diaper Lovin’ Baby!(part 1)
June 10, 2023


Standing out in a crowd was familiar to Mimi; at least once everyone saw her. It only took one person to notice her and start to whisper to their friends for her to get most of the attention in a room, her petite frame drawing eyes wherever she went. Undeterred by her stature, she sought love and companionship like anyone else. Her search for a partner led her through a string of encounters with towering men who easily eclipsed her height.
Mimi quickly discovered that height wasn’t the only thing that mattered to her. She found herself drawn to softer, more feminine men. Easily led and bendable. One day, Mimi met Alex, a man whose timid nature and soft-hearted demeanor intrigued her. They arranged to meet for coffee at a cozy café, their first encounter brimming with nervous anticipation.
Alex’s voice quivered with an endearing vulnerability as they sat across each other, sipping their warm beverages. “Um, Mimi, I must admit, I’m not the most confident person out there. But when I saw your profile, something told me to take a chance. I…I think you’re amazing.”
A tender smile graced Mimi’s face, her heart warming at his genuine honesty. “Alex, your kind nature and gentle spirit are like a breath of fresh air. However, there is a reason I like softer boys.”
“And, what is that reason?” Alex asked, intrigued.
“I like boys with micropenises, basically nubs.” She said confidently. “I don’t expect you to have it, but most underconfident men are on the smaller side of things.”
Alex’s face flushed, his cheeks becoming red. “The reason I was looking for a shorter woman was, well, because she would need fewer inches to be satisfied. I am just shy of an inch, you see!” His words barely escaped his mouth.
A couple of hours later, they found themselves at a motel, and Mimi took charge as soon as they entered the room. “I want you to masturbate in front of me, rub your penis like it’s a clit. And meanwhile, you are at it; wear this.” She threw her bra over to Alex. He did as he was told, quickly stripping and putting on her bra. He started playing with his nub, rubbing it like a clit.
“Just so you know, even if we were to date, that small dick of yours wouldn’t satisfy me, so I will have other men around me while you can just stand and watch us fuck!” She added while he kept rubbing his nub. “Lay down on your back, and keep rubbing your dick, while I sit on your face.”
She quickly wiggled her way onto his face and started rubbing her clit on him. Soon enough, his tongue started moving, giving her the best oral of her life. “I see; being small has taught you a lot of things. I will let you keep eating me out, but you can’t fuck me.” She said, her words making their way through her moans. Hearing all this pushed Alex to the edge, as he upped his tongue game and made Mimi cum, while his hands finished him off and cumming all over his thighs.
“Now lick the mess you have made, Alex.” She said sternly, as Alex followed her words like a good boy should.

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