Come Fuck Mommy, Now!
June 4, 2023
Mimi Gets A New Boy Toy!
June 8, 2023

Sissy Penelope stands before a full-length mirror in her elegant abode, embodying confidence and grace. Adorned in a short lacy lavender dress, she marvels at her reflection, appreciating the meticulous details that make her ensemble extraordinary. The delicate lace caresses her skin, amplifying her feminine allure. A smile dances upon her lips, for she recognizes the captivating beauty that radiates from within. Sissy Penelope’s self-assurance blossoms, propelled by the harmony of her appearance and her unyielding belief in her worth. With every glance, she embraces her uniqueness and embraces the world with an aura of irresistible charm.
She quickly grabs a pillow from her bed, places it on the floor, and promptly sits over it. Looking at herself in the mirror and admiring her figure, she starts feeling a throbbing between her legs. Her growing clit is no surprise, either. Her clit rubs over the satin pillow, and the matching lavender lacy panties make it even more enjoyable. The textured yet soft lingerie rubbing over her exposed, hard clit gives her the feeling of ecstasy as she starts getting lost in her thoughts.
As she pleases herself, Aunt Brenda enters her room and catches her.
“What are you doing, Penelope?” She asks sternly.
“Nothing… I am just sitting!” A shiver runs down the sissy’s spine. Brenda can be very strict against masturbation, which always makes her anxious about the dirty behavior of her sissies.
“I saw what you were doing! And since you lied to me, you have to be punished!” Brenda retorts.
“Pu-punishment?” Penelope’s voice cracks, fear settling deep inside her. “Ye-Yes, Mommy! Whatever you desire.”
“You will keep masturbating; I want you to remind yourself of when I invited Aunt Lisa, and we both spit-roasted you with our strap-on cocks. And while you pleasure yourself, I will stand here and make sure you do it correctly. A mommy’s role is to teach her child how to perform things efficiently, and it’s part of the process!”
“Now take off your panties, spread your legs in front of the mirror and look at yourself and finger your pussy.” She commands, and without a second’s delay, Penelope quickly does what Aunt Brenda asks of her. Penelope reminds herself of the events of that day she got used by both Brenda and Lisa and how they used her mouth and asshole simultaneously.
As she strokes her clit faster, her eyes roll back, and she bites her lip as she climaxes. Her body shakes with pleasure before she moans loudly and cums hard again. She tenses up as her hands grip tighter around the soft cushion as if trying to hold it inside her tight pussy. Her muscles tense as she shivers from orgasm until her breathing finally returns normal.
“Good girl, now go clean yourself up; Auntie has a surprise for you!” Brenda commands her, walking out of Penelope’s room. “Meet me in my room!” she said before leaving.

Aunt Brenda


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