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May 28, 2023
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June 5, 2023




Daddy is gone and mommy needs to be fucked so bad.  Mommy is so horny, that there definitely was no chance of concentrating at work, so mommy decided to leave early and head home.  Mommy noticed that her oldest son’s car was parked in the driveway.

Mommy walked into the house completely unprepared for what she was about to see and experience.  Sitting on the couch with his dick in his hand and a porno on the TV was her son, Jeremy.  Mommy gasped, startling Jeremy and causing him to hurriedly try to cover up.

Jeremy looked wide eyed at his mom, his dick tenting the shirt he tried to cover up his erection with.  Mommy couldn’t take her eyes off the shirt as she licked her lips.  Jeremy started to stutter an apology when mommy stopped him with a finger to her lips.

Mommy’s pussy was in charge now, and needed cock immediately.  Mommy slowly walked towards the couch, disrobing as she went.  Once mommy was completely naked she was standing in front of her son and his hard dick,  Mommy pulled the shirt away briskly and dropped to her knees.

Mommy sucked the head of her son’s cock into her warm wet mouth, savoring the taste of his pre-cum.  Then mommy got up abruptly and headed towards the back of the house.  Mommy looked back at Jeremy to follow.  Mommy headed to her room, she wanted to be fucked in the bed she shared with daddy.

Mommy wanted to be fucked by her son’s big hard dick.  Mommy wanted it, mommy needed it, and mommy was going to get it.  Mommy laid back on to the bed pulling up her dress, and pulled down the top, showing nothing underneath.  Mommy wanted to be fucked right now.

Come crawl up on the bed and fuck mommy like a good boy.  Fuck mommy with that young hard cock.  That dick is bigger than daddy’s and mommy wants it inside her NOW.  Make mommy cum over and over, all over her son’s cock.  Make mommy moan like a whore.

Fucking mommy from any and every position.  Making mommy squirt and beg for more.  Mommy is so glad she came home early and caught her son masturbating.  Mommy needed to be fucked and having her son’s big dick deep inside her has her pussy gushing.

Mommy plans on making this a regular activity whenever daddy is gone.  And mommy knows Jeremy enjoys it as well.  Grunting and groaning, shooting his load in mommy’s inviting holes.  Definitely so much better than jerking off and cumming in a rag.

Jeremy is always hard from thinking about fucking mommy, his dick throbbing even when daddy is home.  Impatiently waiting for the next time daddy is out of town on business.  Sneaking glances at mommy and rubbing his cock.  Ready to fuck mommy at every chance.

Do you want to be mommy”s naughty little secret?  If so then call Mommy Candy for some kinky quality time.

Mommy Candy



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