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Hello, Little Ones, I am Mommy Candy, and just like the treat - it is true that I am indeed extremely sweet. I am that easy-going, affectionate, and compassionate ABDL mommy that you have always wanted. I am also that adult baby diaper lover mommy that will be there to tuck you in at night after your diaper change and a bedtime story, and I will make you feel incredibly special and loved. Even when you awake at night, upset and crying after a bad dream, I will come to your ABDL crib and pick you up and make you feel so loved and special that all your negative thoughts will float away. All I must do is embrace you, fill your face with tender kisses and sing you lullabies to lull you back to sleep. You need me to be your mommy because I will never judge you or make you feel like there is something wrong with you. So, if you have been living in shame and embarrassment for a long time, you no longer must worry about that anymore. No matter what, I will be your mommy that always understands you and accepts you – just the way you are. My voice is here to pacify you and take away all your worries, sadness, and your pain. My softness is a place of safety for you, where you can be safe and sound. Take me by the hand, and let me treat you like the sweet little baby you are and that you are always meant to be. There is no shame in needing mommy’s sweet and tender comfort, as you will find this nowhere else. And when you wet that diaper, whether it be number one or number two - you will not have to conceal it from Mommy Candy as I recognize that you are just a little tiny one, and it is therefore not your fault. You do not know how to hold things in, and you should not have to.

Babies are expected to have accidents, and Mommy understands that you need to be changed lovingly while Mommy plays footsies with your toes. Mommy Candy is not the type to administer harsh or corporal punishments. Mommy’s discipline style will always be done in an adoring and nurturing way, and baby’s bottom will never be sore after Mommy teaches baby a lesson. Mommy will sometimes take away your pacifier or a favorite toy just for a few minutes, or I would even have you sit in the corner for a few minutes on time out. Everything that I do will be done from a place of compassion and love. If there is something that you desire for me to do or a specific body part that you need for me to touch, you do not ever have to hesitate or feel afraid to let me know. Or if you have a particular fantasy or fetish that you would like for us to explore, you need to share it with me so we can explore a maze of ideas and possibilities together so we can venture off to new horizons together. Never feel the need to keep something to yourself as that will most likely make you miss out on an amazing experience. I am here to make you comfortable, so you will be able to explore many avenues in the ABDL lifestyle. I am here for you, and you are here for me – so since we are here for each other, we should make each other feel good. Sometimes for fun and not for malice, I will occasionally tease you, and I expect for you to get aroused and enjoy it, so do not feel bad when you stand at attention when you and mommy play.

When I hear your excitement in your voice when you are aroused, I am incredibly happy that I am doing something that you enjoy. Please do not hold back from this intense pleasure that you feel because it is here to calm you down and ease your nerves. It is perfectly natural for your state or arousal to increase when we play, and I would have it no other way. You are my sweet sunshine; you make me smile, and I only want to enhance that happiness in your life. When I hold you in my arms so closely, it is to smell your face, kiss you gently and caress you against my ample breasts. My soft and warm bosom is here to provide comfort for you. You are to get lost in my arms and forget about the cares of the world. When you and I are together, nothing else and no one else exists. You are my sweet and tender darling, and you know that I know best with what is needed to satisfy you. When you are hungry, I am here and available for you to feed off my soft and tender breasts. You will latch on with your mouth and hold my bosom with both hands, and when you gently squeeze it, all you must do is close your eyes and slip into ecstasy by devouring my warm and delicious breastmilk. Drink from me whenever you need a refill, and I will provide you with the liquid gold you want and need. You do not have to ever plead with or beg me to supply you with your meal from my breasts as therefore they are here – to make you happy. You must always come to me when you need your feeding because I will provide it all. Our relationship dynamic will enable us to have successful roleplay experiences. If you aspire to learn and grow together when we play and explore together, it will be the most rewarding, fun, and exciting time spent together. My gentle approach is good for both those who are beginners and for those who are experienced.

Call Me 1-888-430-2010

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August 27, 2023
End Of Summer Fun
Last weekend of the summer before September starts.  Soon it will be back to school time and no more summer fun for the year.  So we are going to have one last blast.  A party where everything goes, nothing is off limits.  Do anything and everything you want one last time. That means you can dress in any outfit, wear any type of costume or choose to wear nothing at all.  Some will be in bathing suits, some dressed as little babies in just a diaper and everyone will be living in the moment.  And no one will judge you for your choices. Everyone is going to be having the time of their life.  It will be a wild weekend of wetness.  Either wet from water games, the pool or a peepee diaper.  And lots […]
August 24, 2023
Jeffrey Goes To Abdl Daycare!
  Early Friday morning, Brenda took her adult baby, Jeffrey, to daycare and went to work after telling him to be good and behave himself. Jeffrey was still getting used to daycare since it was only his second week, and most days, he whined in the morning because he didn’t want to go. This morning, once he saw Josie, the teacher in charge of his classroom, he smiled and waddled to her after kissing Mommy goodbye. Miss Josie told him good morning with a bright smile, a kiss on the cheek, and a pat on the bottom, then gently directed him toward the other babies. Jeffrey got down to his hands and knees to crawl over to some of his new friends. Some babies were sitting on the floor playing with some toys, others coloring […]