Mimi Gets A New Boy Toy!
June 8, 2023
Brenda Turns Man Into Her Diaper Lovin’ Baby!(part 2)
June 10, 2023


Simon entered the dimly lit tavern, scanning the room for his preferred company for the evening. He had always been drawn to older women, their maturity and experience capturing his imagination. He was determined to hook up with a stunning older woman tonight. Simon quietly studied the diners while avoiding the younger crowd. His attention was drawn to the experienced women. His heart raced as he witnessed their grace, confidence, and attractiveness. He ignored the women his age; there was something irresistibly attractive about an older woman that piqued his interest.

His glance darted around the room until it settled on a figure that made his breath catch in his throat. A gorgeous woman with auburn hair cascading over her shoulders sat at the bar. Her exquisite posture highlighted her ample hips and lovely tits. Simon’s heart skipped a beat as he collected the bravery to approach her. Simon strode confidently towards the bar, his gaze locked on the alluring woman. Sitting near her, he smiled and struck up a pleasant chat. Brenda was her name, and her sweet laughter was like music to his ears.

Their talk became more intimate as the evening proceeded, and their attraction became evident. Brenda’s face had delicate creases that Simon liked as proof of a life well-lived. They exchanged stories, laughed, and it felt like a genuine connection. The age gap appeared small compared to the evident chemistry surrounding them.

Simon could no longer resist the magnetic pull. Brenda consented, her eyes flashing mischievously, when he proposed they continue their talk in a more private place. They walked out of the bar hand in hand, their purpose becoming evident as they got closer to her house.

The tension between them peaked within the boundaries of Brenda’s modest apartment. Simon felt want race through his veins as passion erupted. Age distinctions dissolved as they reveled in each other’s presence, delving into the depths of their need. Brenda’s remarks halted Simon in his tracks, just as he thought the night would go as planned. She shared her innermost secret with a bold and quick voice—a turn-on that both startled and perplexed him. “Simon,” she said quietly, her voice commanding, “my biggest turn-on is a man in diapers.”

Simon’s mind raced, trying to comprehend what he had just heard. He had envisioned their encounter taking a different path but now faced a choice. Would he allow preconceived notions and societal expectations to dictate his response, or would he open his heart to embrace Brenda’s truth?

“You are crazy!” Simon yelled, “I had never thought this would happen!”

Brenda was calm; it wasn’t the first time she had heard a rejection of her wants. “You have to give in to earn an older woman; either way, what else were you thinking?” She said, being composed. Her hands started wandering over his body, her tits touching his face. She knew how to get around a man’s body, with a perfect balance between seduction and aggression. What should Simon do? Click right here to read the rest and call me anytime for some diaper lover fun!

Naughty Brenda


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