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August 12, 2009

Mommy’s Panty Drawer

I know what you’ve been doing – you’ve been in mommy’s panty drawer again, haven’t you? Don’t try and deny it, I found my panties hidden in your room. I bet if I checked right now, I’d find you wearing a pair of my best satiny panties, wouldn’t I? Humph, just what I thought! It’s over my knee time young man, for the spanking of your life. What’s that? No more? You’ll do what ever I say? Hehe, all right then, but why stop at just the panties? I’m going to dress you up in the whole ensemble – panties, bra, garter belt, stockings, and then the REAL fun will begin, starting with a few pics to mark the occasion … Mommy Gina 1-888-430-2010
December 18, 2008

Walkin’ Round in Womens’ Underwear

Walkin’ Round in Womens’ Underwear Walkin’ round in women’s underwear (to be sung to “Walkin’ in a winter wonderland”) Lacy things – the wife is missin’, Didn’t ask – her permission, I’m wearin’ her clothes , Her silk pantyhose, Walkin’ round in women’s underwear. In the store – there’s a teddy, Little straps – like spaghetti, It holds me so tight, Like handcuffs at night, Walkin’ round in women’s underwear. In the office there’s a guy named Melvin, He pretends that I am Murphy Brown. He’ll say, “Are you ready?” We’ll say,”Whoa, Man!” “Let’s wait until our wives are out of town!” Later on, if you wanna, We can dress – like Madonna, Put on some eyeshade, And join the parade, Walkin’ round in women’s underwear! Lacy things … Missin’, Didn’t ask … permission, Wearin’ […]