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October 23, 2022

Monster Fun with Me

  Monster Fun with Me: Halloween is coming up in a week, and I am so excited. I just love dressing up and having fun. Halloween is my most favorite holiday ever! And definitely the one time of the year where you can wear a diaper without any repercussions. This year I’m thinking of something like Frankenstein, but cuter and diapered. A pretty little diapered monster that will scare the pants off of you But no worries; I have lots of extra diapers if that happens. Being a diaper girl and a lover of the ABD lifestyle makes me prepared for all emergencies. Halloween is the perfect holiday for fetish lovers like me. And of course, all the candy I get for being a scary monster is an added bonus. I may not know for […]
August 13, 2022

Fun with Stacey

    Fun with Stacey: I am diaper girl Stacey, and I am an abdl. I just love the lifestyle, and of course my favorite part is the diapers. I make sure to be a good girl and fill my diapers up like Mommy says. Mommy says the fuller the better, and I agree! I love filling my diaper, and it’s even more fun when mommy changes my dirty diaper. Mommy knows how to make me feel so good. She cleans me up and then plays with my little pussycat. Mommy likes to make me squirt, and I squirm and beg for more. My plump little pussy loves attention and is always wet and glistening with her cunt juices. And when Mommy’s busy, sometimes I play by myself, with myself. I use toys, my fingers, […]
August 8, 2022

Amanda’s Pussy Is Delicious

Amanda’s Pussy Is Delicious: I want you to be my little Abdl and allow me to be your Milf, who will give you the hot and steamy mommy phone sex that you so desire. It is nothing but hot and spicy sexy thoughts that I want to give to you. Whether you call me at night or in the day, I want you to play with me in every single way. I will be your mother and your lover. I will be with you in the bed with the warm blanket as we hide under the covers. You will touch me, and I will touch you, and I will make sure that what we do is special and just so sweet. You need to know that my pussy is delicious, and you will have to […]
May 29, 2022

Amanda’s Little Diaper Lover Loves Sucking Her Tits

Amanda’s Little Diaper Lover Loves Sucking Her Tits: My diaper lover Alan is more than obsessed with my tits. Not only do I have him suck on them every time that I feel like it, but he actually also dreams about sucking on my tits in his sleep. He stays with me every now and then when I desire to have company with me, and he happens to be really active with his dreams when he enters REM sleep. If I wanted to, I could go to the kitchen and get a bag of popcorn, and when I returned, it would appear that I am watching a movie scene of some kind, because that is how animated he gets.He loves to get into the art of infantilism, and it is so natural for him. There […]
March 27, 2022

Brenda’s ABDL Wants Milf Sex

Brenda’s ABDL Wants Milf Sex: My abdl Mitchum wants milf sex, and he can only have it with me. There is no right or wrong way to momfuck as long as I do it with pride. When I want him to get on his hands and knees, he knows that he has to do it, and he does. I will then inspect his ass hole to make sure that it is nice and clean, and that is when I will retrieve a tiny butt plug. The butt plug will have to go inside of his mouth for him to suck and get wet, and then that is when I will put inside of his ass hole and fuck him for as long as I please. He will have to moan and groan and say my […]
January 15, 2022

Brenda’s Diaper Lover Lex Loves Family Sex

Lex loves mom porn and he has been secretly watching it for years.  When he would come home from school it is the first thing that he would lock himself in his room to look at. For him, it was the older woman factor that he loved so much and in his daydreams and fantasies he would long to experience hot erotic mom son porn with me, his Aunt Brenda. My nephew Lex is my young and sexy diaper lover and it took a while for him to feel comfortable enough with me to be able to let his guard down and open up about his obsession with watching family sex on his tablet.  He was so embarrassed to tell me that I practically had to pry it out of hos brain the way that […]
January 2, 2022

Amanda’s ABDL Recalls A Hot And Sexy Scene

The diaper therapy that my abdl needs is always one that makes him feel complete because it is something that touches his heart, mind and soul.  He has loved abdl bdsm and specifically abdl roleplay since he was a teenager, ever since he walked in on his mother and her boyfriend doing erotic role-play.  He did not see mommy kissing Santa Clause as the famous song goes, he just happened to see mommy sucking on her boyfriend’s cock while she happened to have a black collar around her neck that read the word “slave.” At first he was shocked as he could not believe that his mother would wear a collar with such a word on it and before he could manage to get over that shock, he saw his mother’s boyfriend place her over his […]
December 25, 2021

Aunt Brenda’s Submissive Patricia Loves Erotic Sex

Patricia was so sexual and obsessed with incest phone sex, that she craved it so much and she started fantasizing about all the erotic and hot things she could do with me, her Aunt Brenda. I knew that she also had a breastfeeding fetish because she always told me how she loved my amazing mammary orbs and how she wished that I could be the abdl mom that feeds her directly from the tit instead of a bottle. I told her that it is not hard to accommodate that, and I made sure that she was able to get all that she needed from me to satisfy her needs. I am not selfish, especially around the holidays.  I am one that brings the pleasure and the joy, especially to my abdl if she chose to […]
December 19, 2021

Amanda Fucks Roger On The Ferris Wheel