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January 9, 2022
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January 16, 2022


Lex loves mom porn and he has been secretly watching it for years.  When he would come home from school it is the first thing that he would lock himself in his room to look at. For him, it was the older woman factor that he loved so much and in his daydreams and fantasies he would long to experience hot erotic mom son porn with me, his Aunt Brenda.

My nephew Lex is my young and sexy diaper lover and it took a while for him to feel comfortable enough with me to be able to let his guard down and open up about his obsession with watching family sex on his tablet.  He was so embarrassed to tell me that I practically had to pry it out of hos brain the way that he felt about me.

After a mild moment of coaxing, when he did not expect it, when he was in the kitchen washing the dishes I pulled him away by grabbing him by the face as I cupped the palm of my hands on his cheeks and he was flabbergasted when I planted a big fat one on his lips.  He was so much in shock as he did not ever have a chance to escape my grasp.  Then I took him by the hand and led him to my bedroom where I had him disrobe and I diapered him while I gave him  hand job.  The way that his eyes opened up and his mouth salivated was the beginning of his  excitement.

Pre-cum dribbled from his cock to my hand as I pumped his cock back and forth so rapidly and every puddle of cum was replaced by another within a few seconds.  I could not resist moving in for a taste of his deliciousness so like a hungry lioness pouncing after her prey, I opened up my ready mouth and devoured so sensually his healthy, thick, young and diapered cock.

He moaned like a wilder beast as I sucked him dry and as he grabbed the back of my head to push me down more on him, I gently squeezed his balls and he flinched.  I then moved my mouth from his cock and reminded him that I am the dominant and he is the sub and just because I choose to suck and give him a hand job, that does not, in any way shape or form change the fact that I am in charge – at all times!

Oh how Lex loves his sex so dirty and so free as he keeps it all in the family.  I sometimes wonder what his mom would think of me as she gave me him to raise and care for and the last thing she would expect is me sucking and fucking his brains out – every single second that I get.

Hmm, it really doesn’t matter as I do what I want and I fuck who I want and there will absolutely be no one that gets in the way of that.

Aunt Brenda


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