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January 15, 2022
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Hi, I’m Mommy Candy and I’m an abdl mom.  Mommy enjoys any and all fetishes.  Mommy will take very good care of you and all your needs.  Mommy knows exactly what to do to fulfill all your fantasies and desires.  There are many fun and exciting activities to experience at Phoneamommy.

Using phone sex hypnosis, Mommy Candy will make you into the perfect adult baby.  You will be putty in mommy’s hands.  At mommy’s beck and call, to do as mommy says.  Mommy will own you!  You will belong to mommy and do as your told, no questions asked, no fussing.

There’s so much fun we can have.  The fetish world is limitless, and nothing is taboo when it comes to mommy.  Mommy loves it all.  Mommy will have you gushing in no time.  You will be begging mommy for more and more.  And if you’re a good abdl baby, mommy will reward you.

A little mom phone sex with Mommy Candy and you will be hooked.  Mommy told you already, you will belong to mommy.  Mommy will have you writhing in ecstasy.  When you’re not mommy’s little diaper baby, you will be mommy’s little bitch.

Listen to mommy’s voice, look into mommy’s eyes, enjoy mommy’s luscious body.  Curl up in mommy’s lap and let mommy make you feel so good.  Your body nestled against mommy’s warm breasts, right there for you to latch onto a nipple and suck.  Filling your mouth with mommy’s warm sweet milk.  That’s a good baby!

And when you’re good for mommy, you get to play with more than mommy’s boobies.  Mommy will let your hands wander into mommy’s lap, between mommy’s thighs, touching mommy’s bare wet pussy.  Mommy has something else you can suck on.  Lick and suck on mommy’s pussy and clit, filling your mouth with mommy’s sweet pussy juices.

The more you play with mommy, the more excited your peepee gets.  Hard and throbbing and dripping in anticipation for what’s next.  Mommy slides her hand down and squeezes you gently.  As your hips start to move, humping against mommy’s hand, mommy squeezes harder.

Mommy feels your peepee throbbing, needing to be deep inside mommy.  Mommy frees your peepee and sees it’s oozing pre-cum.  Mommy has the perfect place for that sticky peepee.  Mommy opens her mouth and slides her tongue out.  Leaning forward and flicking that tongue over your wet slit.  Tasting you.

Mommy knows plenty of places that hard peepee can go.  Besides mommy’s mouth, there’s mommy’s ample cleavage to slide your peepee between.  Mommy also has two very tight holes that peepee can penetrate.  Mommy’s succulent pussy and firm ass are always eager to be fucked.

So, give mommy a call and let us explore the endless possibilities of fetish phone sex.  Mommy will have you in constant bliss as mommy sweetly tortures you and your hard peepee.  Teasing you to the brink of orgasmic release over and over, before finally letting you cum for mommy.

Mommy Candy


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