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January 16, 2022
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January 24, 2022


Last night I was so horny that I placed my hand on my clit and felt how hard it felt through my panty and I had to rip it off. When I ripped it off, the sweet juices from my pussy dribbled down the panty’s crotch and settled  in a puddle on the back of the panty.

The fact that my pussy was so creamy and wet with my own succulent juices, it was the perfect time for me to have milf sex because everyone knows that mom son sex is best. If you were to log on to a sexy website and look for what is trending at the hottest sex in the world and it none other than mommy porn.

I know as a mommy what is best for my abdls and it is my creamy cunt, as it is what they need to give them enough nourishment for them to have for their day. I like my G-spot stimulated first and preferably with a nice stiff tongue from my abdls. Stroking my inner canal with from a wet tongue that is as stiff as a miniature cock feels so good and if I can get my clit sucked at the same time is absolute heaven.

My A-spot is next and that is such a wonderful feeling for me to get my abdls to travel all the way to the back of my pussy and just have the tip of their tongues tickle me around and around.  Lots of pre-cummies of my sweet juices just fall down and like a hot and delicious cup of soup it is gobbled up.  My favorite would be to wrap my thighs around their heads and trap them right inside of my sweet pussy so that they can smell my cunt and also they can drink down my juices.

My sweet juices must be swallowed and if some of my abdls gag on my thick juices then they must be swallowed up. I also like to glide my slippery cunt on the face of my abdls and make them get their faces all sticky as their faces are decorated with my cum as their facial. It is something that I get a kick out of when I make my abdls go outside for me to the corner store and complete strangers look at them fully aware that their faces are decorated with my sweet and sticky cum.

I want you to experience my sweet cunt for yourself and it is not hard at all, all that you have to do is pickup your phone and give me a call right away and then you will be on your way to getting as close as you possible done on the phone to my cunt.  My pussy is ready, here and available so all you have to do is make the first step and you will be on your way. So call me now, Mommy Amanda and let us role-play something sexy and hot that you never experienced before.


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