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February 7, 2021

Hank’s Diagnosis: Diapers Are Forever

Hank and I have just started living together and things were going quite well. Well, except for the fact that every single time we try to get intimate he would run to the bathroom and after a few minutes he would return to the bedroom with a robe. I asked him about it and he stated that he just wanted to be nice and fresh for me.  I told him it is not just that “freshening up” that I think about, another issue is that he never let’s me touch his dick through his overly sized pants. He never wore pants that were his size, they were a size or two bigger and in this modern day vain world that we live in, mostly everyone wants to be thin – no one wants to wear […]
January 18, 2021

Tawny’s Incest Phone Sex Play

I know that you are extremely hot, horny and wet and you have a lot of naughty games that you want us to play, so don’t be embarrassed or shy and let us get our fun on right away. If you want us to talk about incest chat we can engage in that quite freely with no limitations or hesitations. I am more than happy to take on the role of your older sister and you will be my younger brother and I will be one in charge when our parents leave the house to go to work.  I will be the one expected to take care of you all day while we are home alone with each other for hours. I will make sure to have fun touching and exploring various parts of your […]
June 15, 2020

Getting My ABDL Baby Ready For Ni Ni

Okay Baby, ABDL Stacey Scarlet just finished giving you your warm and sudsy bubble bath and dried you off.  You really enjoyed that bath so much, my little diaper lover, that you were splishing and splashing and you had so much fun with your rubber duckie. You are all comfy now in your diaper. Did you enjoy how Mommy gave you a nice ABDL Stacey after rubbing  baby lotion all over your body? Ah yes, I am sure that you did!  Placing you on the diaper pad as I massaged the lavender and chamomile baby lotion all over your little itty bitty pee pee and then massaging your little marbles gave me so much pleasure.  Your little tiny wormy cock stood up like a sore thumb when Mommy’s warm and soft fingers caressed them ever […]