Phone A Mommy Blog

October 15, 2008

Halloween Party for phone A mommy

Hey everyone! Do Not Forget about our super duper Halloween chat part! It’s gonna be so great! Want to know what I am going to be? *giggles* I bet you do. But too bad, your just going to have to wait. I better see everyone there and in a costume. Or I am gonna tell Mommy Scarlet to get out the BIG paddle. *giggles* I just can’t to see everyone all dressed up in their costumes at the Halloween party. Its going to be so much fun and I am going to wear the most amazing diamond diaper for my cute Hollywood baby costume I made all by my self. I can’t wait till I go peepee and poo poo in my diapy and daddy comes ans changes my very filthy messy dirty adult diaper. […]