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October 19, 2023

Cuckold Mike Does Want Brenda Wants! (Part 2)

(first part) Once Brenda convinced Mike that there was no escape for him now that she had caught him on tape jerking off to her being railed by other men, he quickly gave in to her wishes. Brenda told him she had a fantasy that she wanted to happen, but she didn’t tell him what it was nor when it would happen. Mike was afraid of it all, but he still trusted Brenda, and even if she didn’t have something to blackmail him with, he would eventually give in to her wishes. After that day, whenever Brenda brought a man home, Mike awaited them in the bedroom instead of sitting in the living room. She made him dress in sparkly tight boy shorts with a lot of make-up to make him look as slutty as […]
October 19, 2023

Cuckold Mike Does Want Brenda Wants! (Part 1)

  Brenda was starting to feel fed up with her situation. She had needs that her man, Mike, couldn’t satisfy. Brenda was the one who was in charge of everything in the house and even in bed. The worst part for her was that even though she took the lead and told Mike what and how to do everything, his cock was so small that it didn’t reach her good spots nor give her any fulfillment. Not even when he went down on her and used his tongue and fingers, she reached a proper climax. Reaching a point of desperation, Brenda sat down with Mike one evening to talk about it. Mike tried to refute her reasoning and justify his lack of manhood, but Brenda had her mindset. She told him she would find a […]
September 28, 2023

Jacob Gets Just What A Cuck Deserves!

Brenda was feeling unsatisfied with her husband, Jacob, for some time. It had quite a bit to do with how he dressed up like a sissy for her, and what kind of real man would do that? Her pussy has been bone dry around him since she first saw him in a flirty dress! One evening, Brenda came home with a strong, fit man, Claudius. Jacob swallowed dryly when he saw the man walk in. Everything about Claudius screamed alpha male, and instantly, he assumed control of the house. Jacob looked at Brenda but remained kneeling at the entrance as taught by Brenda, a glint in his eyes showing. Claudius chuckled, eyeing Jacob, and looked back at Brenda, smirking. Brenda told Jacob to follow them to the master bedroom, where he was made to kneel […]
August 16, 2023

Frank Becomes Francine With Sissy Training! (part 2)

(part 1) After Francine’s behavior was sissified to Brenda’s taste, it was time for the second part of the training. Brenda wanted to train Frank for her sexual gain, and the first step was to make him addicted to her in any possible way. Brenda began seducing Frank, who was slightly set back by it, not because he didn’t think she was hot. More because he knew she was his mother’s best friend. But the more Brenda teased him, the harder it became for him to say no, and within a couple of days of seducing him, he finally gave in. Brenda enjoyed having sex with Frank, and she made sure to voice it loudly during the sexy times and reaffirm their bond as lovers. Francine was so in love with Brenda that he did […]
July 17, 2023

Brenda Turns Her Boyfriend Into Her Baby!

Brenda liked her boyfriend, Michael, but she needed more in their relationship. It took a while for her to figure out what it was, but Brenda put her plan on track once she did. First, Brenda put diuretic pills on his soup or juice at dinner time, and once he was waking up several times a night due to it, she began putting sleeping pills, too, so he wouldn’t wake up. Michael woke up next to Brenda with his bottom half and the sheets soaked in pee for a week straight. With each passing day, she ridiculed and scolded him for it until his self-confidence and pride were so low that he was persuaded into wearing diapers to bed near the end of the second week. As time passed, Brenda’s mocking and scolding worsened, and […]
July 16, 2023

Sissy Judith is a Silly Cuckold and Karen Won’t Let Her Forget!

Sitting and waiting was always the hardest, but Judith took pride in her training, always doing everything Karen said. Judith remained kneeling at the end of Karen’s bed, even when she heard the front door open. She listened intently, trying to hear what was being said, but their voices were too muffled; soon enough, she heard footsteps coming down the hallway. “Judith! I have company!” Even though Karen called out, Judith knew better than to move from her spot on the floor. The two spoke for a bit longer before the shuffling of two people approached the bedroom, Karen and a man entering the room. “Judith, this is Willam. William, this is Judith, my little sissy I own.” William stared down at Judith, giving her a condescending smirk as he examined the cute maid dress […]
June 11, 2023

A Caged Cock for Mommy

    Mommy will get you stripped down naked, so we can get to work on that cock and balls region.  Mommy will lay you back and spread your legs, then mommy will lather you up and get your balls all shaved and smooth.  Next mommy will get out a special cock cage with a tiny little lock, just for you. Mommy will be the only one that has access to the key, so unless mommy gives you permission or opens it herself, that cage stays nice and snug on your dick.  Mommy slips the cage onto your soft cock and snaps the lock closed tightly.  Mommy gives it a little shake, causing you to gasp slightly. And you will wear that cage all the time unless mommy decides.  Mommy knows how hard it is […]
July 9, 2022

Mommy Loves All Fetish Play

    Mommy Loves All Fetish Play: Mommy Candy will gladly roleplay in any way you desire. Tell me what you desire, what turns you on. And let mommy join you in some yummy fun. Mommy loves it all and has a very vivid imagination, not to mention a very naughty mind. Mommy will make all your fantasy dreams come true. We can do or talk about anything you want. Mommy is here for all your needs, and mommy will make sure you are taken very good care of. Mommy is very sexual and open-minded, and she will make you feel very comfortable and at ease. All fetishes are welcome here, and nothing is too much or off limits for mommy. So, let your freak flag fly and come out and play with a like-minded […]
April 11, 2022

Mommy’s Little Sissy Cuck

Mommy’s Little Sissy Cuck: Come crawl up into mommy’s lap and let me tell you some abdl sissy stories. This one mommy is going to tell you first is about mommy’s pretty little princess Patty. Patty was a quiet little one who always seemed timid and shy but was very curious about all the little girls. Mommy could see the look of infatuation in his face every time he looked at any of the girls. It wasn’t one of lust but rather of envy. His boy’s clothes were plain and drab compared to all their pretty little outfits and dresses. Mommy watched him smile and blush as he pretended in the mirror. The mirror in the corner of the Abdl nursery was right next to the dresser of play clothes, and he was spotted numerous […]