Frank Becomes Francine With Sissy Training! (part 1)
August 16, 2023
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Mike Needs A Little Diapee Help! (part 1)
August 20, 2023

(part 1) After Francine’s behavior was sissified to Brenda’s taste, it was time for the second part of the training. Brenda wanted to train Frank for her sexual gain, and the first step was to make him addicted to her in any possible way. Brenda began seducing Frank, who was slightly set back by it, not because he didn’t think she was hot. More because he knew she was his mother’s best friend.
But the more Brenda teased him, the harder it became for him to say no, and within a couple of days of seducing him, he finally gave in.
Brenda enjoyed having sex with Frank, and she made sure to voice it loudly during the sexy times and reaffirm their bond as lovers. Francine was so in love with Brenda that he did everything to make her like him and even pondered asking her to marry him. It was all part of the plan to make him fall so hard for her that he would even give his life if needed. After the honeymoon period, as lovers passed, Brenda began finding fault in the small things that Francine did, and once he fixed them, she continued to escalate to other things harder to resolve.
Francine felt desperate when Brenda kept telling him he was not enough and was not what she needed anymore. So when Brenda made fun of him for being a sissy, which was why she wasn’t happy anymore because he couldn’t satisfy him as a manly man could, Francine’s whole world started falling apart since he didn’t have it in him to become one.
As an act of goodwill on Brenda’s part, she accepted Francine to stay in her life but with the condition that she would get someone else to please her.
Two days later, Brenda told Francine to hide in the closet, and a few minutes later, a man rang the bell. Brenda and Justin had dinner at home, and he took Brenda to the bedroom.
The closet door was slightly open, and Francine could see everything happening through it. He saw how the burly man took Brenda repeatedly, in positions Frank couldn’t even fathom. And he saw how Justin marked her pussy and body with his cum. Once Justin left, Brenda, who was utterly spent, told Francine to come over and ridiculed him, showing how it looked to be pleased. Then as punishment, she made Francine lick her body clean.
Francine felt heartbroken seeing how differently Brenda looked during and after sex with other men. And while there was only sadness initially, he started looking forward to the next time Brenda brought a man home. That feeling grew into anticipation and even excitement.
Francine began to wish that Brenda got someone to her house every day because every time she did, he stroked his cock, watching her from the closet, and at times, she let him watch in the open. The best part for him was when after they were done, he could lick clean Brenda’s body covered in cum and even some of the man’s cock. Sound like your kind of fun? Call and tell me all about it!

Aunt Brenda


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