Frank Becomes Francine With Sissy Training! (part 2)
August 16, 2023
Mike Needs A Little Diapee Help! (part 2)
August 20, 2023

Mike looked up from playing with his stuffed toy sheep Rexy when he heard footsteps coming towards the living room, trying to smooth the grimace off his face and telling himself firmly that he wouldn’t squirm around. Brenda strolled in with a smile and a baba full of milk in her hand, giving it a back-and-forth wiggle, and she came towards him.
“Look at what I’ve got for someone lucky… this one is what, your fourth bottle? I bet your diaper is well on its way to being soaked by now. Is it time for your first diaper change?”
Mike jerked his stuffie in front of his diaper before he could even think about it and couldn’t hold back a guilty grimace when he saw the flash of concern on Brenda’s face. It didn’t stop him from talking, though. “No, my diapee is fine, it’s good. I guess my bladder must have gotten bigger!” He tried to give a convincing chuckle, but another glance at Brenda’s face showed she didn’t believe it. He looked back down at his sheep, his fingers fretfully tugging at its ears as Brenda moved to sit down with him on his baby blanket.
Brenda reached out for Mike’s stuffie, watching him all the while to make sure what she was doing was alright with him, but he reluctantly let go of Rexy once she tugged at it. Her fingers reached out to give his diapers a little push, but she could tell it was dry from just looking at it. Her eyebrows drew together while she looked back up at him in confusion. “Sweetie, do you really not have to go after so many bottles?” Mike looked away in embarrassment and mumbled something under his breath.
“Baby, you need to speak up a little for me, okay?”
His lips wibbled a bit, but then he took a deep breath and started to speak. “My diapee feels really good and feels like a hug, and I’m really happy that you put me in one, but I,” Mike finally looked back up, his eyes tearing up a little. “I don’t wanna tickle in my diapee!” He started to cry a bit at that, and Brenda pulled him in for a hug, her arms wrapping around him while she comforted him. She let him cry it out for a bit, running her fingers through his hair while she told him it was okay.
After a good while, she pulled a handy tissue out of her pocket and started to wipe his tears. “Now you can correct me if I’m wrong, okay? But I have a feeling that it’s not so much that you don’t want to use your diaper, but it’s more…scary? Maybe a step towards being a baby that you feel super nervous about? Am I right?”
Mike sniffled a bit more, rubbed his face against Brenda’s shoulder, then muttered a low “Yes.”
What do you think they’re going to do? You can click right here to find out!

Aunt Brenda


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