Mommy’s Little Sex Slave
August 13, 2023
Frank Becomes Francine With Sissy Training! (part 2)
August 16, 2023


Brenda accepted her best friend’s request for her son to live with her for a few weeks while she went away for work. Initially, it was a little uncomfortable, but after staying there a week, Frank was fitting in with the house and was friendly with Brenda. She didn’t set many rules on living there, Frank had the freedom to do what he wanted as long as Brenda authorized, or they could compromise. But that was also part of Brenda’s plan to turn Frank into a sissy. By faking the sense of freedom in Frank’s decisions, Brenda conditioned his actions towards her perfect sissy. She wanted it to feel like the most natural thing for Frank to become a whole new person! Without noticing, Frank was starting to make associations between his behavior and rewards or punishments through Brenda’s subconscious training. She first changed the decorations around her house to help solidify the associations through mental tricks, and every time Frank did or said something slightly girly or feminine, she gave him something he liked or allowed him to do something he wanted. The opposite happened when he deviated from that, and she would deny him any games or snacks. Brenda let Frank watch or do masculine things at the beginning of his training as long as he spent double the time watching or doing something equally feminine. And has time went by, Frank stopped wanting to do masculine things and freely chose to do things girls and women enjoyed, and even started showing interest in feminine clothes. At that point, some punishments would deny him some of the girly stuff he liked. When Frank voiced his will to try gender-neutral clothes, Brenda provided him with simpler woman clothes instead and started hinting that he should try to wax so his skin would be hair free like girls. To increase the cognitive behavior rate, Brenda ruined Frank’s clothes, a couple at a time, and changed them to frillier, puffier, and more feminine ones until he had no masculine or boyish pieces. It came to the point that he asked her to wax his legs so he could wear one of the purple skirts she got him. Frank started to wear only girly clothes, skirts, dresses, crop tops, tight t-shirts, and blouses with cleavage while having his legs free of hair. Once he started wearing the clothes Brenda picked up for him, he felt weird wearing boxers underneath and asked her for woman’s underwear. She picked some panties, G-strings, and thongs for him to use and went as far as to get bras for him and feminine shoes. Not only that but Brenda and Frank started painting their nails together while enjoying a relaxing bath and skincare routine. That made Frank extremely happy as he could do everything women did and wear everything he wanted. Frank fully embraced what he thought was his authentic self and became the sissy Brenda trained him to be. Are you ready for your sissy training? Call anytime for some sissy roleplay phone sex and click right here to read the second part.

Aunt Brenda


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