Mommy Makes You Her Little Bitch
August 6, 2023
Frank Becomes Francine With Sissy Training! (part 1)
August 16, 2023

Mommy snaps her fingers and you come running.  What mommy says goes and you know what’s expected of you.  No ifs, ands or buts, you do exactly what mommy tells you.

Now get on your knees and crawl over to mommy.  That’s a good little slave.  Start at mommy’s toes and kiss your way up to mommy’s pussy.  Slowly, don’t rush.  Mommy wants to feel your lips touching every part of mommy’s body.  Steadily working your way up the inside of mommy’s legs and thighs.

Mommy spreads her legs and leans back so you can continue kissing your way to that very wet pussy.  As mommy feels your head between her thighs, mommy puts her hand on the back of your head and tells you to stop, but don’t move your head away.

Now it’s time to put that tongue to work.  You will lick mommy from asshole to clit.  Make sure you get between those pussy lips and into that pussy as well.  You are to use your mouth, tongue, lips and teeth to make mommy squirt all over your face.

And then you will lick up every drop.  Your job is to please mommy and take care of mommy’s needs and wants.  And if you do a good job then mommy will reward you properly.  So make sure you do a thorough job of cleaning mommy of all of her sweet pussy juices.

Otherwise instead of a reward you will be severely punished.  And that punishment can vary from a harsh spanking to an intense whipping.  Your behavior will dictate what happens to you.  On the other hand, if you do a good job, your reward will be orgasmic.

Now back to pleasing mommy, your not to stop licking mommy until you make mommy squirt, then it’s clean up time.  That tongue is going to get a major work out.  Mommy expects nothing less than the best.  Don’t disappoint mommy.  If mommy’s happy, everyone will be happy.

And to make sure mommy is happy is to make sure mommy is pleased with your efforts.  As long as you do as you’re told with no hesitation then mommy will be pleased.

Once mommy feels you have serviced her completely, mommy will lay you down and wrap her hand around your hard throbbing cock.  Then mommy will slowly stroke your dripping dick, squeezing and rubbing it, until your hips are bucking and you’re begging for release.

Humping against mommy’s hand, whimpering and moaning, all music to mommy’s ears.  You are not to cum unless mommy gives you permission.  You have to wait for mommy’s say so.  Mommy will tease you to the brink and then stop, mommy will have you on the edge over and over.

Until you are squirming and begging, thrashing with the need to ejaculate.  Mommy will take mercy on you and finally let you explode.  Your cum will shoot out and cover mommy’s fist in your warm salty jizz.  Then like a good little sex slave you will lick mommy’s hand clean of your seed.

Mommy Candy




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