Phone A Mommy Blog

August 1, 2021

Play Time With Mommy

    Oh there’s nothing better than play time with Mommy Candy.  And mommy likes it all, everything you enjoy and more.  With roleplay phone sex, we can experience anything and everything we want, over and over.  And there’s so much to do that we will never run out of fun. You don’t have to be shy or timid about sharing all your fantasies with mommy.  Remember mommy likes it all and mommy wants to make all your fantasies come true.  From abdl roleplay to zoophilia, mommy will fulfill all your naughty desires.  There’s nothing better than a dirty little baby that needs mommy’s attention. And speaking of dirty… there’s nothing more so than scat phone sex.  A poopy little diaper baby that likes to play in that shitty mess.  Feeling it spread as you […]
July 17, 2021

Let Mommy Take Good Care Of You

    A little abdl sex is exactly what mommy’s naughty baby needs.  Not to mention mommy also hehe.  An escape from reality for awhile, mommy will whisk you away and make everything else disappear.  You will be mommy’s to play with as she pleases mmmm. Mommy Candy has everything needed to take care of her Abies in every way possible.  Nothing is too much for mommy.  Mommy loves anything and everything sexual.  When mommy is done with you, you will need a week of rest to recuperate. Mommy has a treat for those naughty little ones that are hesitant at first.  Some diaper bondage is perfect for those that are shy or have been bad babies.  Diapers, straps and a little buzz buzz, will have you melting for mommy.  You will be squirming and […]
May 13, 2021

Playtime With Mommy

    Mommy just loves play time.  There’s nothing better than a cute little one to have my way with.  To dress however mommy wants and to play with any way mommy desires.  Whether in a diaper or a cute little outfit.  Mommy can choose to tie you up or just bend you over and have my way with you.  And mommy has lots of friends who would enjoy playing as well. Abdl sex is the best.  Mommy can tease you mercilessly in your diaper and then pull that diaper to the side and make you a wet mess.  And mommy just loves watching her little ones play with each other.  Seeing you squirm and writhe as you touch one another.  Humping your diapers against each other, looking at mommy for permission to continue further. […]
April 26, 2020

You Are My Effeminate Submissive ABDL Sissy Slave

You are my effeminate submissive abdl sissy slave. I will paint your lips pink and place on your head a pink wig. You will not wear your pink lace panty and bra until I decide that you have earned it. I will push you beyond your limits that were created in your head and you will surrender and trust my every move.  You will become useless as I blindfold you and your hands will not interfere as I handcuff you. You are commanded to patiently await my next move.  You will not ask what is happening but you will obey what is done to you.  Open your mouth wide, while I insert my pink nine-inch strap-on cock and I expect you to gag on it while I push it deep inside the back of your […]
August 12, 2017

Bulky Pamper Princess

What do we have here? Do I see you putting mommy’s panties on over that big bulky pamper? What a dirty little diaper sissy you are! My panty drawer has been completly swiped clean! They somehow always find their way in your room and into your hamper.   You need to learn to be sneakier if you’re trying to be mommy’s  little panty snatcher. You should of just told Mommy that you wanted to wear pretty panties just like hers. But we need to get my sissy girl a couple pairs of her own panties because those panties are for big girls and grown ups. You’re still a big sissy adult baby so we need to get you plastic panties and pretty ruffled panties to wear over your diaper! It’s time for mommy to take her little abdl panty lover on […]
July 23, 2015

Seeking ABDL to Nurture!

Hiya, babies! Mommy Barb here, hoping for a sweet ABDL to spoil and coddle. I am a mommy, and mommies need to have babies to love and take care of. I have a nursery all set up with all the toys and things that a baby could ever need! We can spend all day playing together and having a good time in the nursery. When your baby diaper needs changing, mommy will have you powdered and feeling fresh and clean again in no time! Whether you like disposable diapers, plastic pants, or cloth diapers with nice shiny diaper pins in them, you can be sure that mommy has them all ready for you when you get here! Feeling sleepy? Let me hold you while we rock you to sleep. Hungry? Let’s arrange a breastfeeding session […]
July 20, 2009

Oh my

Oh my Oh my You my darling little baby has done it now have you not.You kept running when i told you not to now look what has happened.Now mommy has to fix that knee all up and make you all better.Learn to listen to mommy next time won’t you.Well you can stop the crying you will get all better soon i promise. Stella
May 15, 2009

Little Red Wagon

I bet this little sissy had a little red Wagon that she loves to be pulled in thru the park and up the sidewalks and she loves to put her dollies and stuff animals inside of it and pull it along behind her bet she looks so cute with that diapered bottom showing as she walks come and stroll along my sidewalk so i can watch and smile. Minnie