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April 1, 2018

Playing in Messy Diapers!!

How much do you enjoy your wet and messy abdl diapers? How excited do you get in your wet and messy diapers? I would be willing to bet that you get really excited! I bet your little baby peepee starts to tingle, starts to get hard…you can’t keep your hands out of your diaper at that point! You know that it is very naughty for you to touch yourself like that, especially in those messy diapers! But you just can’t help yourself…you have to slide your hand in your diaper to touch yourself, to stroke yourself with your fingers, dragging them through your poopy mess and spreading it across your peepee. It’s so filthy, you know it shouldn’t feel so good or exciting, but it does, and you don’t know why! You stroke, and squeeze, […]