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May 22, 2022

BDSM Dominatrix Roleplay With Kay

BDSM Dominatrix Roleplay With Kay: I do enjoy bdsm, and the dominatrix roleplay that I engaged in with Kay included a lot of sexy games in the realm of bondage fetish. I enjoy tying up Kay because she completely trusts me and knows that what we do is mutually beneficial, so it is always a pleasure.When we play, she knows fully and totally that she is the bottom and I am the top. If I tell her to jump, she won’t even need to ask me how high—she just does it. So, when it comes to tying her up, I take pleasure in always blindfolding her beforehand so that she does not know what to expect. This level of mystery and suspense is what is necessary as sex play first starts in the mind, and […]