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April 21, 2020

Overnight Wettie

It was late at night and I knew that my adultbaby was in the crib, locked down, with a heavy wet diaper. I could hear her sissy little cries coming from the nursery. I put her down to sleep in the cutest little jammies you could image. They were very elaborate. Soft silky pink material and gold thread forming intricate designs.  This set of jammies to me longer to make than any other I had ever sewn for my little darling. They don’t make sizes big enough to fit her. So, I do all the work myself, by hand just to show my little one how much I love her and love being her mommy. I was just so tired, and it was nearly dawn. I thought it was best just to wait until the […]
November 21, 2018

Baby Gets Excited In His Wet Diapers

Oh, you really do love your wet diaper, don’t you? I don’t think that I’ve ever seen your little baby weewee so hard before, but I guess leaving you in a pissy soaked diaper must be the ticket to get your more excited that you’ve ever been! Are you excited enough to get on your tummy on top of the bed and push your hips down into the mattress so that your tiny weewee drags right up and down your warm, wet diaper? You I both know you are too excited to last long, dear, so I wouldn’t even bother if I was you! I want you to pump your little hips just as fast as you can, and I want to hear every last moan and gasp so I can tease you later about […]