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April 3, 2022

Amanda’s Silly Submissive Sal Loves Scat Sex

Amanda’s Silly Submissive Sal Loves Scat Sex: My silly submissive Sal loves scat sex, where he takes a big sloppy shit in his diaper and places his hand inside of it and plays with it. I watch when he begins, and he tenses up his face so tightly like a ball, and it does not take long before he lets out a big load all inside of his diaper. The process is truly an artistic masterpiece from beginning to end, and depending on what he ate for the day, the smell usually reveals the secret. I know for a fact that he had meat recently because the smell lit up the entire house. And when he took a sample of various chunks out of the diaper with his hands, he was so excited to show […]
July 17, 2021

Aunt Brenda Makes Arnold Eat His Scat Pie For Dinner

      My ABDL Arnold went shopping earlier this afternoon with all intention of making himself a delicious and fragrant plain chocolate sponge cake.  He was very excited as it had been a while that he baked a delicious cake for himself.  He has his culinary degree and enjoyed baking when the time afforded him to.  So, as he had time today to bake he decided to give me a call at Phone A Mommy to let me know what his plans were for the day. So when he called me for his usual weekend abdl roleplay session and he told me what he was up to, I decided that I was going to add my own very special twist to it.  He was so pleased to fill me in on his cake that […]
June 18, 2021

Brenda Behests Brad Into A Barrage of Brown Showers

  I told Brad not to touch the cake that I prepared for us to enjoy after dinner. I purposely made it his favorite which was carrot and zucchini with a sliver of almonds.  He thought that he could “pull a fast one” because he disobeyed my commands and poked a hole in the cake and foolishly tried to cover it up in the most asinine way.  He really figured that I was born yesterday… what a moron! I called him to me and told him to open his mouth for me and let me smell his breath.  He tried to hesitate and I told him that I made a request once and I have no intention of making it a second time. I am not sure what he thought was going to happen – […]
June 14, 2021

Safe Scat Play With Sean

    Sean was scared – he was so afraid to engage in scat play because when he did it a few weeks ago, he suffered the ramifications from what happens when one does not engage in safe scat play. The last time that he played in person with a friend of his, he ended up having a painful case of diarrhea. When he went to the doctor to find out what happened he discovered that because he had a friend insert their own shit with a turkey baster into his ass while it was squeezed into him, caused him to catch the parasites that his friend had.  He was so embarrassed when the doctor explained it all to him and he was also devastated that he felt that he would no longer be able […]
April 17, 2021

Aunt Brenda’s Scat Baby Needs Encouragement!

Harry knew that he shouldn’t call Aunt Brenda. She had given him very clear instructions about not throwing away any of his abdl things, not his cloth diapers, his plastic diaper covers, his adult baby bottles, not one little thing! He started worrying out about his age play obsession, though, the way he always does, and got rid of everything, some of it going in the trash, the rest going to the thrift store. He regretted it the very next day, of course, but it still took him awhile to get around to ordering some new cloth diapers and covers for them. Now he was in the position of needing to call her, he didn’t follow instructions, he was naughty, and he knew he had to be disciplined… but he also knew how she would […]
April 12, 2021

Let’s have a shitload of fun with scat play

I really do enjoy a lot of the calls that I get and I must admit that there is something special and unique about the scat phone sex calls that I get.  Another word for scat is Coprophilia and some even refer to it is scatophilia as well and it is an art form that has been around for a very long time – it goes all the way back to Ancient Greek history. There are a lot of fancy white coats that would try to paint scatophilia in a negative light.  Some may refer to it as a mental illness or a sexual dysfunction, but it is neither of these things.  Always remember that when you are in a society, whatever the majority of that particular society does will be considered normal and whatever the […]