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March 6, 2016
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Toilet Slave Chapter 5

As promised here’s part five and the second half and the conclusion of J’s toilet fetish saga Be sure to check out the other chapters on my other blogs! I was escorted to a small cell, containing a bunk, a hole in the floor, a faucet and a sink and a roll of toilet paper. Before entering the cell there was an iron collar locked on my neck and a chain connected from the wall was locked to that chain. My shackles stayed on, although my hands were unlocked from my waist chain. The officers left without a word and the door was closed and locked on the outside. There was a little lamp, a bulb, glowing. I sat down on the bunk. There were some muffled sounds, not loud enough to make any sense of it. I was just sitting there, thinking of what a turn my life just had made. Year after year I had been reading stories about slaver, fantasizing about slavery, and now I was on the brink to enter my own enslavement. The collar was heavy on my collar bone. I lifted it up, just feeling how heavy it really was. How did I feel, being locked in and chained like an animal. Ava 888*430*2010  
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