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September 5, 2020

Teasing Naughty Little Johnathan’s Tiny Little Pee Pee

My ABDL Stacey boy Little Johnathan was such a horror all week and I decided on the perfect way to teach him a well deserved lesson. I figured out that he was so enamored with being spanked that he would enjoy being naughty in order to cause a punishment with an abdl spanking, but today – I switched things up on him. His face became so flushed and embarrassed when I entered his room with my closest girlfriends and announced to him that I will be changing his wet diaper in front of them.  There was no prior knowledge of this information given to him so he was taken aback by this surprise. He always felt so insecure about his genitals that the thought of others seeing how small he is caused him much distress […]
August 16, 2020

Mason’s Massive Mess

My little ABDL baby boy has been unemployed for sometime.  He was excited when he received the call to interview in person in an hour that he raced to the location without thinking. He was still wearing his diaper from the night before and because he had no time to take a shower he just jumped into a business suit and a taxi and made it to the interview on time.  Upon arrival he was told to sit and wait to be interviewed.  He sighed a breath of relief, as all seemed to be working out in his favor. It was then that he froze as he remembered what happened last night when we decided to role play medical doctor and kidnapped patient.  I was the depraved doctor and he was my poor and defenseless […]
August 9, 2020

Dommy Mommy Scarlet’s Bitch

  On your knees, my little bitch…as you watch but don’t you dare touch as ABDL Stacey Scarlet parades around the room in my crotchless satin panties.  I will lift a smooth shaven leg and squat over your pathetic and submissive face as you take a sniff of my perfect pussy, it is paradise. As my pussy is so very wet and so very sweet, a droplet of my womanly essence fell directly on the top of your upper lip. Your body begins to quiver as you know the taste and it is so sweet but you are not allowed to savor my deliciousness… at least not for now.  I then bend over directly in front of your face and my crotchless panty instantly separates. I direct you to move closer to my tight and […]