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May 22, 2023

Let’s Get Super Freaky

    Hi, my name is Candy, and I like anything and everything kinky.  Sex is my passion and I am very open minded to all fetishes.  I am very curious and I have lots of experience with many fetishes.  Nothing is off limits or taboo when it comes to playing. So, let’s get freaky and have a wild time.  Tell me your desires, your secrets, your naughtiest fantasies.  Let’s get nasty and dirty and make a big wet sticky mess.  Don’t be shy, don’t be nervous, I won’t judge you.  I will join you in delicious fun and we will have an orgasmic experience. Any and all fetishes, don’t hold back.  Make me squirt as you cum.  We will explode together.  And when I say all fetishes, that is exactly what I mean.  From […]
July 9, 2022

Mommy Loves All Fetish Play

    Mommy Loves All Fetish Play: Mommy Candy will gladly roleplay in any way you desire. Tell me what you desire, what turns you on. And let mommy join you in some yummy fun. Mommy loves it all and has a very vivid imagination, not to mention a very naughty mind. Mommy will make all your fantasy dreams come true. We can do or talk about anything you want. Mommy is here for all your needs, and mommy will make sure you are taken very good care of. Mommy is very sexual and open-minded, and she will make you feel very comfortable and at ease. All fetishes are welcome here, and nothing is too much or off limits for mommy. So, let your freak flag fly and come out and play with a like-minded […]
May 29, 2022

Fun With Mommy

Fun With Mommy: Oh, we can have so much fun and in so many different ways. Mommy Candy likes it all. There’s no fetish Mommy won’t try. And through roleplaying phone sex, we can do just that. Let our imaginations and our libidos run wild. Mommy will cater to all your kinky desires. Come tell mommy all your naughty secrets and let mommy join in. Mommy enjoys playing with you and herself. And I bet you could come up with some juicy fun for us to try. And messy fun as well. We can get very dirty with scat phone sex.Mommy will gladly play any way you want. All roleplay and fetishes are embraced here.  There is nothing considered off-limits or taboo. So, don’t hesitate any longer and come play with mommy. Mommy will make […]
April 10, 2022

All Sorts of Fun

All Sorts of Fun: Roleplaying phone sex makes it possible to have all sorts of fun. All you have to do is let your imagination have free reign. The hardest part, besides your excited peep, will be picking up the phone and calling. Any and all fetishes are welcome at PhoneaMommy, and this mommy will make sure you get to have any type of “fun” you want. Have you always been curious about ABD roleplay but too shy to call Mommy? Well, now’s the time to get over that shyness, embrace your little side, and let mommy take good care of you. Mommy Candy will be the best for you and all your needs. Mommy will baby you, dress you up in cute outfits, diaper you, and nurse you. And mommy also loves naughty time […]
August 30, 2021

Taylor My Diaper Lover, Loves Diaper Sex

Taylor loves to do the dishes and various other chores in his diaper. He prefers Bambino but tends to also switch over to Rearz, every now and then.  What he loves about the diapers that he uses are the comfort factor, feeling like a baby and best of all, Taylor loves diaper sex.  When he is horny and he feels a burning between his legs, he will stick his hand in his diaper and proceed with jerking off his cock.  He would jerk off in his diaper multiple times a day. He would call it marathon masturbation and no matter how sore his penis would become from jerking off, he was addicted to the feeling of self stimulation so he would bypass the pain just for the pleasure.  His testicles would swell and become so […]
August 1, 2021

Play Time With Mommy

    Oh there’s nothing better than play time with Mommy Candy.  And mommy likes it all, everything you enjoy and more.  With roleplay phone sex, we can experience anything and everything we want, over and over.  And there’s so much to do that we will never run out of fun. You don’t have to be shy or timid about sharing all your fantasies with mommy.  Remember mommy likes it all and mommy wants to make all your fantasies come true.  From abdl roleplay to zoophilia, mommy will fulfill all your naughty desires.  There’s nothing better than a dirty little baby that needs mommy’s attention. And speaking of dirty… there’s nothing more so than scat phone sex.  A poopy little diaper baby that likes to play in that shitty mess.  Feeling it spread as you […]
April 17, 2021

Aunt Brenda’s Scat Baby Needs Encouragement!

Harry knew that he shouldn’t call Aunt Brenda. She had given him very clear instructions about not throwing away any of his abdl things, not his cloth diapers, his plastic diaper covers, his adult baby bottles, not one little thing! He started worrying out about his age play obsession, though, the way he always does, and got rid of everything, some of it going in the trash, the rest going to the thrift store. He regretted it the very next day, of course, but it still took him awhile to get around to ordering some new cloth diapers and covers for them. Now he was in the position of needing to call her, he didn’t follow instructions, he was naughty, and he knew he had to be disciplined… but he also knew how she would […]
April 15, 2021

Dirty Baby

    Mommy was busy in the kitchen making a special treat for her little precious pampered princess.  Mommy started to get a little suspicious of the quiet (too quiet) coming from the nursery.  A quiet baby is usually up to no good lol.  Mommy tip toed down the hallway to take a peek and see what had gotten you so preoccupied. As mommy started to lean in to check on you, a low buzz started and mommy had an idea what her little one was up to.  Mommy opened your door and stepped in, to stop shortly at the sight before her.  Mommy expected the vibrator, but the open poopy diaper was a bit of an unexpected shock.  Mommy has always enjoyed scat phone sex, and now it was time for some poopy play […]
April 12, 2021

Poop Play With Mandalay

  I had a scat phone sex call today with an adult baby diaper lover name Mandalay and it was so hot. We both used out imaginations to pretend that I was his hot nurse and he was just admitted to the emergency room with stomach pains and I was the one who accompanied him to his hospital bed.  Mandalay was in a lot of pain and his stomach was cramping up really badly and he was just groaning and looking for some relieve. I asked Mandalay what he ate and he told me he had a smoothie and maybe the fruits had gone bad and his stomach was really in knots.  I told him that I would make him feel better but he needs to get on the toilet and push as hard as […]