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August 30, 2021
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September 4, 2021

diaper lover

Taylor loves to do the dishes and various other chores in his diaper. He prefers Bambino but tends to also switch over to Rearz, every now and then.  What he loves about the diapers that he uses are the comfort factor, feeling like a baby and best of all, Taylor loves diaper sex.  When he is horny and he feels a burning between his legs, he will stick his hand in his diaper and proceed with jerking off his cock.  He would jerk off in his diaper multiple times a day.

He would call it marathon masturbation and no matter how sore his penis would become from jerking off, he was addicted to the feeling of self stimulation so he would bypass the pain just for the pleasure.  His testicles would swell and become so tight and oodles of pre-cum would collect at the tip of his cock. He would shake the pre-cum puddle to watch the pre-cum fly around and land on his thighs and when it did he would take his pointy finger and scoop some up and lick it.  Pre-cummies are a rich, nutritious and delicious treat and none of it should be wasted.

Taylor recognizes that and does all that is needs in order to save the precious liquids that come out of his cock. And it is not just pre-cummies, but he likes to start of the day with a tall warm glass of his piss that he kept in his bladder all night and when he drink it he chooses to guzzle everything down. Taylor also really loved  scat sex  because he loves the smell of his own poop and when he feels the urge to take a piece of his shit to eat, he would just gather it up and eat it bit by bit in order for him have a great start of the day. The shit that comes from Taylor’s asshole is very smelly and gooey.

Though no one is expected to have their assholes smell like roses because everything that comes out the anus  has a smell.  Taylor not only loves to play with his messy diapers, but there are times which he chooses to make it a shit facial.  He loves to scoop into his padded diaper that is messy and droopy filled with the color brown, which is his feces and grab enough shit to scoop out and place on his face.  HE really loves shit facials because he is able to smell the shit up close and personal while wearing it as a mask on his face.

And when he knows it is time to submit with restraints all around him, this is when he would be bound up in diaper bondage.  Are you ready to be my submissive that I can tie up and make you eat what I want you to eat and smell what I want you to smell? Then give me a call immediately and let me, Mommy Scarlet take you on an erotic journey that you will never forget.



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