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August 30, 2021
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Don’t be scared, mommy is here to take care of all your needs.  Come closer and climb up into mommy’s lap.  That’s good, now just relax and listen to the sound of mommy’s voice.  Very good.  Now look into my eyes, keep listening to mommy as you continue to stare into up my warm inviting eyes.  With some abdl hypnosis, mommy will help you embrace your little side.  I will help you become the adult baby you crave to be.

Let me be your abdl mommy and make all your stresses go away.  Mommy Candy just loves taking care of adult babies and all their needs.  From changing diapers to making sticky cummies for mommy.  You will never have to worry about anything with mommy there.  I have everything a little one needs and desires.

Mommy would never lie to you and mommy would never hurt you, at least not in a bad way.  Hehe.  Mommy is here to help you reach deep into your psyche and to finally be able to enjoy your kinkiest fetishes.  You have nothing to worry about with mommy.  I’ll keep all your secrets and share a few of my own with you.

Come visit mommy in abdl chat and get to know a little about mommy.  Mommy is always available for her little ones, but remember mommy does have lots of cuties to spread her time amongst.  So don’t get impatient.  And you can always get mommy’s undivided attention by setting up a private session with mommy at any time.

Mommy will hold you in her arms and cradle you against her body as she rocks you to sleep.  Mommy’s bright loving eyes will be the last thing you see before drifting off into dream land.  Mommy just loves to watch her baby sleep.  Feeling your warm body snuggled against mommy makes mommy so happy.

Mommy Candy will whisk you away from all your troubles and despairs for a little while.  Mommy will help you forget everything else for the time that mommy has you.  All you have to do is pick up that phone and call mommy.  You will be taken very good care of.  You let mommy know anything and everything you like and want and mommy will happily oblige.

Sometimes all we need is to be hugged and reminded that someone cares.  Sometimes all we need is a break from being judged or ridiculed because of what we like.  And sometimes what we need most is a release.  And mommy would love to be the one to do that for you.

You can trust mommy to give you the best fantasies, to make all your dreams come true and to take care of you in the best possible way.  And let’s not forget that release you so need.  Mommy is very sexual and open minded and mommy loves making others cum from a toe curling orgasm they have never before had the pleasure of experiencing.  So don’t delay and call Mommy Candy today!

Mommy Candy


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