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July 26, 2021
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Happy Baby Through Forced Age Regression!
August 1, 2021


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Oh there’s nothing better than play time with Mommy Candy.  And mommy likes it all, everything you enjoy and more.  With roleplay phone sex, we can experience anything and everything we want, over and over.  And there’s so much to do that we will never run out of fun.

You don’t have to be shy or timid about sharing all your fantasies with mommy.  Remember mommy likes it all and mommy wants to make all your fantasies come true.  From abdl roleplay to zoophilia, mommy will fulfill all your naughty desires.  There’s nothing better than a dirty little baby that needs mommy’s attention.

And speaking of dirty… there’s nothing more so than scat phone sex.  A poopy little diaper baby that likes to play in that shitty mess.  Feeling it spread as you wiggle and rock in your full diaper.  So warm and thick, making it’s way up the back of your diaper, squishing from between your cheeks and smearing all over.

Mommy loves to bounce you on her lap, that stinky little diaper butt rubbing against you and mommy.  And mommy can’t help herself when it comes to squeezing that hard throbbing peepee inside your nasty diaper.  As mommy holds you tight, mommy rubs her hand over the front of your saggy diaper, feeling your hard peepee twitch.

Mommy lays you back on the bed and slowly opens up that disgusting diaper.  Oohhh perfect!  That poopy mess has covered your dick and balls also.  Mommy reaches under the pillow and pulls out a special little surprise.  Hehe with all that feces, mommy’s toy will slide between those cheeks and penetrate that tight little asshole with no problem.

Piss and shit won’t be the only mess you make for mommy.  When mommy gets done with you, baby will need to be hosed off.  Mommy will fuck you until you explode.  That peepee will be shooting gallons of creamy sticky cummies all over.  And mommy won’t stop til those balls are drained.

So hurry and call Mommy Candy and let’s get started.  Let mommy whisk you away from everything and take you into a world of no taboo fetish play.  Nothing is off limits and nothing is too much for mommy.  So let that imagination run wild and let mommy help.

Do you have a secret that you can’t tell anyone, for fear of judgement?  Do you get excited and turned on by a certain fetish that you feel you can’t tell anyone?  Mommy will embrace your naughty desires and share them with you.  You can tell mommy anything with no repercussions.

Mommy Candy is the mommy of your dreams and wildest fantasies.  Mommy will help you get the greatest experience possible from our play time.  Mommy will leave you exhausted and panting for more.  Mommy and her naughty little one will both be soaked and satisfied by the time mommy finishes with you.

No excuses!  Pick up that phone and call and set up either a phone call or private text session with mommy now!

Fetish Loving Mommy Candy


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