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March 20, 2022

Baby Johnny’s Squishy Diaper

Baby Johnny’s Squishy Diaper: Baby Johnny just loves the warm, squishy feeling of his soaking-wet pink diaper. He loves that he has a wet, soggy secret and that no one at work knows his diaper secret except for him. Baby Johnny loves to have his little diaper secret. He comes home from work and tells Mommy Amanda all about it. He goes around work in his suit and tie, sits in on meetings and conference calls, and conducts important seminars with his pink, wet, soggy diaper on under his grown-up suit every day at work. He loves how everyone at work thinks he is a strong, powerful man with his fancy grown-up clothes and his tie and briefcase, but the real truth is that he is just a little sissy diaper baby with a tiny, […]
November 26, 2020

mommies favorite son

    Mommy here!!! Looking for my son to change make sure he has a clean diaper, with all the extra necessities ( lotion, baby powder, cream), And put a little extra cream on your little peepee so I can play with you while I’m changing your diaper. Have a little son mom incest, It can be our little secret no one will ever know. don’t ever tell no one if you tell anyone mommy won’t make you feel as good as I usually make you feel in the morning times, after showers, and before bed. you get a lot of special treatment a lot of little boys don’t get from there mommy, I love for me and my baby to have a real close connection where no one can come in between us not […]
January 8, 2016

Dressing up my Sissy Adult Baby

Dressing up my sissy adult baby is always so much fun. I just bought a new dress for *Fina. Her favorite color is pink. There was a time when I would never have been able to put her in a dress, but that story is for another time. You see, I told her I had a surprise for her when I put her to bed the night before. She was so excited. She begged me to tell her what it was, but I told her she had to be patient. I told her she had to wait until morning. She must have asked me at least twenty times what it was while I told her a bedtime story. She asked me another two times while I pulled the blankets up over her in her crib […]