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June 28, 2020

Age Regressed By His Neighbor!

George looked up at all the pretty Mommies that were leaning over his new crib, and though he tried to hold it in, he started crying, loud sobs just like a baby. It felt like his emotions were too big for the little body he was in now! He couldn’t talk, couldn’t tell any of the ladies that he wasn’t really a baby, that his new neighbor had done something to him, age regressed him somehow! He had come over to introduce himself, she sat him down and gave him some sweet tea, then he got sleepy… and he woke up like this, in a baby’s body in a baby’s nursery in a wet diaper.  Brenda was nudging him awake, telling him to smile for her friends, all of them mothers that he recognized from […]
June 15, 2020

Getting My ABDL Baby Ready For Ni Ni

Okay Baby, ABDL Stacey Scarlet just finished giving you your warm and sudsy bubble bath and dried you off.  You really enjoyed that bath so much, my little diaper lover, that you were splishing and splashing and you had so much fun with your rubber duckie. You are all comfy now in your diaper. Did you enjoy how Mommy gave you a nice ABDL Stacey after rubbing  baby lotion all over your body? Ah yes, I am sure that you did!  Placing you on the diaper pad as I massaged the lavender and chamomile baby lotion all over your little itty bitty pee pee and then massaging your little marbles gave me so much pleasure.  Your little tiny wormy cock stood up like a sore thumb when Mommy’s warm and soft fingers caressed them ever […]