Brenda Finds Out Jeff’s Diaper Secret! (part 1)
December 25, 2022
Diapers Look Good on Everyone
December 26, 2022

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Brenda had been dating Eric for over a month when she decided to get a little more aggressive in getting him in her bed. She had been dropping some heavy hints, getting in close to let him know she was interested. She could tell he was interested right back; something always seemed to pull him back at the last second. When he walked her to her front door, they kissed, making out hot and heavy, till she started tugging him through the door. She whispered about how wet she was, how badly she wanted him inside her, and he finally gave in! He pressed her back flush against the heavy oak door once they got inside, claiming her rosy, pink lips with his own, even before Brenda could demur. Yet, she wasn’t sure she would have. And in the wake of their second kiss, she caught herself chasing Eric’s lips as they slowly pulled away from hers. He was all electric heat and searing pleasure, and she wanted as much as possible. Perhaps, even all that he had to give. “Brenda,” he breathed against the hollow of her neck, his hands sliding the straps of her dress until it fell almost silently around her ankles. Her heart-shaped cleavage came prominently under his gaze after that, held up provokingly by the black lace bra beneath her ample bosom. Brenda allowed a small laugh.
“It unclasps from the back,” she told him after seeing the mingled look of lust and tumult play briefly across his face. “Well, turn around, for fuck’s sake.” Another bubble of giggles broke through as she obeyed and pressed her breasts flush against the door. She felt the grasp of the bra loosen, the relieving sensation arousing goosebumps across her skin. She turned to face him, holding the front of the undergarment against her sternum for a moment before letting it fall to the ground, fully exposing her breasts to the cool air. Generously full and voluptuous, they spilled from his palms when he reached both hands up to cup them. And then he leaned in to draw one stiffened nipple into his mouth while pinching the other.
“Jesus, babe,” Brenda panted. “Easy. I’m overly sensitive.” The pressure was overwhelming, and for a split second, she came on the verge of surrendering control. Instead, she snaked one hand between their heated bodies and into his pants, hoping to grasp the magnificent titanium rod of a cock he’d bragged so much about beforehand. “Eww…what the fuck was that?” She blurted, snapping her hand back. “Was that your dick?” “Yes,” he answered and took several steps back. “It’s um…” Brenda interrupted his stammering before he could finish
“Tiny,” she completed for him, a taunting chuckle playing at one corner of her lips. “Like, it’s hardly big enough to be called a dick.” “Yeah,” he smiled nervously. “I know. I lied about how big it was.” “Well,” Brenda was saying as she closed the gap between them, “I still want to see it. Show me. Pull your pants down.” While he hesitantly obeyed, Brenda hurried over to her purse on the couch and pulled out her phone. “Hey, w-what are you doing with that?” He stammered, making no effort to cover himself, while Brenda thumbed her cell phone.
“Hold on,” she said, laughing, “I want to take a picture. Your dick is so small; it’s freaking cute. Look at it, with your tiny little balls shriveled up like that. I can’t even tell if it’s hard right now.” Steadying herself momentarily, Brenda took the picture. She opened WhatsApp and posted the image in one of her private group chats with the caption: ‘Check out this worm-looking dick I just found.’ Seconds later came the first reply, and it went: ‘More like dicklet.’ The third went: ‘Aww… it’s so adorable’ And the fourth: ‘Is that a dead baby snail hanging from his crotch area?’ That made Brenda laugh. She put the phone back in her purse and turned her attention to Eric, who had slumped to his knees before her, his hand pumping away between his legs. “Are you seriously jerking off that thing?” Brenda laughed again. Eric nodded. “Pathetic,” she said before picking her gown off the floor. “Wait, are you leaving?” He called, clearly anxious. Brenda wrinkled her nose in disgust as if some rank smell hung in the air. “Do you really think your little dick can fill me up the way proper cocks do?” She continued. “It won’t. It’s been ages since I last had a cock in me. You know, a nice veiny one that is at least eight inches in size, one that stretches me out and leaves me all used up afterward.” She had just finished talking when Eric suddenly let out a low, guttural groan as he began squirting all over his fingers and on the carpet. “The hell?” Brenda asked. “Did you just cum?” Eric nodded, unable to look up from the floor. “You’re ridiculous.” Brenda chuckled at the look on Eric’s face. “You made me laugh; that’s always a good thing. I might keep you around to be a good little cuckold; how does that sound?” His little nub twitched a bit and dribbled some more cum to the floor, proving better than words that he loved the idea!

Aunt Brenda


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