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August 28, 2021
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August 30, 2021

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After a hard day, I have to say that there really isn’t that much that makes me feel better as well as a nice thick diaper! Two or three, somedays, and don’t forget the plastic pants. Cloth diapers are what I like to wear most of the time, but disposable does make an appearance every now and then. Best part of that, though, is when my dominant Daddy puts me in my diapers first thing when I get home or gives me a diaper change after I’ve filled mine up. He knows just how to treat a diaper girl like me! He knows how much I love diaper changes, the attention that he gives me, the tender care that he shows me while he cleans me all up, and how well he fucks me during a change! If I’ve been teasing him (and I love to do that!), he won’t even wait to take the diaper off, he’ll just tug it to the side and shove his cock into my pussy and pound me hard enough to make the table slide.

I do love to get fucked rough like that, but I think the best times are when he takes his time changing my diaper, slowly cleaning me up, and slowly getting me all worked up and so wet that I end up leaking my pussy juices into my new diaper. He gave me the special treatment just this morning, and that really has to be the best way to start my day. Daddy checked my diaper before we even got out of bed and smiled when he realized that it was soaked! I hopped onto the changing table with a smile of my own, and he started off with pressing that wet diaper against my clit, telling me what a good girl I was for using my diaper the way I should. He didn’t do that nearly long enough to satisfy me, lifting my legs up instead and taking my diaper off. He was soooo slow with the wipes because he knew I would get wetter the longer he took to get to my pussy! By the time he worked his way up to I where I needed him you would hardly be able to tell whether I was wetter from piss or pussy juices. Daddy tossed the wipes to the side and made me squeal when he started to clean me up with his tongue! It was so dirty that I was telling Daddy that he should stop, that it wasn’t good, but the way I gripped his hair and rocked my hips up to his mouth showed him how it was really good instead. He ate me out until I was about to cum, then he pulled me to the edge of the changing table, hooked my legs over his arms, and rammed his thick cock inside my greedy wet pussy! All it took was a few pumps to have me coming, and he wasn’t far behind once my pussy started squeezing around him tight! Daddy daughter sex feels so good, go ahead and call me for some daddy sex roleplay if it gets you horny!

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