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November 27, 2021
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December 5, 2021




Oops I made a mess in my diaper.  I need daddy to take care of me.  I call for daddy to come to me.  Daddy comes into my room and smells me immediately.  He crinkles his nose and I blush as I look away.  Daddy knows how excited I get when I make a dirty mess in my diaper.  Especially when it’s daddy who takes care of me and changes my stinky butt.

I just love when daddy and I have poop sex.  It makes me so very wet to think of daddy spreading my dirty cheeks to put his cock inside my shitty asshole.  The feel of his mushroom head pushing into me gets me so turned on that my pussy is dripping.  I start moaning softly as daddy penetrates me deeper and deeper.

Stretching my tight hole with his hard throbbing dick as he presses his body against mine.  Soon he’s balls deep inside me and I’m begging daddy to fuck me harder.  I love daddy to fuck the shit out of me, literally.  I love being daddy’s dirty little slut.  I moan louder and start rocking back against daddy.

Daddy grabs my hips and plunges in and out of me.  The smack of his balls against my pussy sending shock waves of pleasure throughout my body.  I start squirting all over daddy’s balls and thighs uncontrollably.  Trembling from orgasm after orgasm.  My breathing ragged and gaspy.  And daddy is still buried deep in my ass, waiting for me to finish cumming.

For some extremely intense phonesex and to find out what else daddy does to his dirty little girl, call me, Baby Stacey and I’ll tell you all the juicy details.  And I love being a good girl, albeit a naughty one most of the time.  And I definitely love dirty nasty sex with daddy.  Daddy makes sure to always take very good care of me.

There’s nothing I love more than filling my diaper up and having daddy bend me over and then pulling my dirty diaper off to fuck me hard and fast.  Just the thought of it has my pussy soaked, my nipples hard and my mouth watering.  I’m squirming in my diaper thinking about daddy’s dick deep inside me.

Phoneamommy is a sex hotline to connect you directly to the mommy or diaper girl of your dreams.  Anything and everything are allowable, nothing is taboo or off limits.  Let your imagination run wild and your fetish flag fly.  Embrace your kinky side and come play with me.  I love to both cum and play *giggles*.

I think I need daddy to discipline me and my unruly mouth.  I’m sure daddy can think of plenty of ways to teach me a lesson.  And I will enjoy every minute of it.  So don’t be afraid and don’t be nervous, call now to play in any way that you like.  I like it all and will be a very good girl for you.

Baby Stacey


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