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Amanda Loves To Masturbate

Hot & Sexy Girl Fuck Herself


I just finished taking a nice hot shower and I am so fresh and clean, I wish that I could have the whole world experience what I have after a long days work. I am going to get on my bed and lay my head to the side and as I lay naked on the bed I start touching myself.  Why should I let this very private moment in my life go to waste when there is  perfect pretty pussy just craving and yearning for my pretty fingers to guide. I gently pass my hand over my breasts and then I move from my soft and creamy mounds to the hard as a rock nipples that stand erect and on top of my mammary glands.  I will pinch and squeeze my nipples over and over again.

Pulling on my nipples as I stretch them out makes them even longer and I read somewhere in a magazine that every single person would want to taste them. So as I lay here and I see and feel my nipples getting so hard to the touch that it when I feel my pussy getting so wet and so warm. I gently separated my legs and I allowed for my fingers to explore the very essence of my beauty – my sweet vagina.  It feels so good in there with my soft fingers, the softness of the flesh being wet and so slippery made me want to keep playing. I thought to myself that it would be a shame to waste all of my delicious juices so I started consuming my vaginal secretions instead of just sampling the taste of my secretions on my fingers.

I even called over a friend for “dinner” and she really enjoyed her meal as it was me that was on the menu – no sugar or salt required. We played around afterwards and what I like about her is that she is an abdl diaper girl just like me and my abdl girl friend is also into diaper hypnosis so we did a bunch of that afterwards. I love to share with others the beauty of myself and I also love to do the same as well. I will kiss you so softly that your heart will melt.

Do you want me to treat you the same way, darling? If so it is not that hard as all you have to do is pick up the phone and call 888-430-2010 and ask to speak to me, Mommy Amanda. You can even look online and see me on the phoneamommy website and you can read a bit about me by looking at my bio.  Once you have read my bio and decide among me before the call are too late. So, stop hesitating and go to your phone and make sure that you are  in a position to be comfortable the entire time.  It is your treat that you deserve.  You do everything for everyone so why not you? Call me now and let’s have some fun.



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