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Hello Sweetheart, I am Debra, and I am a Mature Mommy. I am sensuous, sophisticated, grey-haired, and my lovely tits are flattened and hang down saggy on my chest. When you talk to me, you will be soothed by my voice because you will be able to hear the maturity in my voice. I enjoy smoking a cigarette while I play with my cunt. It just makes the moment even better. I would love for you to kneel on the floor and wait for me to hike up my skirt and remove my panty so I can squat over your face. You will have to please my old pussy, and I expect you to do a good job. I have been around for ages, and I am used to many decades of licks and dicks, so rest assured that I will teach you if you do it wrong. You can’t be rough with me because I am an older lady. So, forget all that wild shit that you did with your girlfriends, where you came in them in a matter of seconds. You are with me now, and I will teach you how to do me precisely and slowly. I am like an antique vase that you must manage with care.

You are not going to rough me up, but you are going to seduce me with your words, then your tongue after you have given me a good dose of foreplay. Men and women have sucked my titties for years, and I like my saggy titties held while you suck them. You have to use your top and bottom teeth to nibble on my bumpy nipples gently. And you can even raise my saggy titties and lick the underneath of them because I like that a lot. I am not going to get on my knees because I don’t want you to get carried away and man-handle me with excitement – but instead, I am going to lay flat on my bag while you open up my legs and eat me out. Start with opening up my pussy lips, locating my cunt, and pulling back the hood to suck on it softly.

After you see that my little granny clit becomes erect, you must now take your tongue to my twat hole so it can scoop out all of my yummy granny cunt juices. Pass me my cigarette, so I can take a puff, then move your tongue down a little bit so you can lick the insides of my senior citizen asshole. There will be some grey-haired asshole peach fuzz behind there – give it some love before you sliver your tongue inside of my wrinkly anus. I will cum just by having my magnificent asshole licked, so if you do it right, I will reward you afterward by doing the very same thing for you. I am the granny that will make you happy, so come and let me take care of you like only I know how to.

Call Me 1-888-430-2010

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May 17, 2024
Keith Has to Go Shopping For Diapers!
Keith sat on the edge of the bed, his face flushed with embarrassment as he glanced down at the wet patch on his pants. It had happened again, despite his best efforts to control it. He sighed heavily, feeling utterly defeated… His wife, Sara, entered the room, her expression a mix of concern and frustration. “Keith, not again..” she said, her voice tinged with exasperation. Keith hung his head, unable to meet her gaze. “I’m sorry, Sara. I can’t help it.” She sighed, crossing her arms over her chest. “We’ve been through this before, sweetie. It’s time we do something about it.” He felt a wave of dread wash over him. He knew what his wife was implying, and he dreaded the thought of it. “You can’t be serious,” he said in a whisper-like voice. […]
May 16, 2024
Johnny Works Out In His Diapers!
Johnny fidgeted in the back seat as his Aunt Brenda drove him to the gym, a sense of dread knotting in his stomach. She had given him strict instructions before they left the house, instructions that made his cheeks burn with embarrassment. “Come on, do I have to wear this?” Johnny pleaded, poking at the diaper she had put him in before they left the house. But Aunt Brenda just shot him a look, one that meant business. She always gave him the same look when he was on the brink of trouble. She dressed him in shorts that covered his diaper but were snug enough to make him acutely aware of its presence; every crinkle and bulge felt like a neon sign announcing his embarrassment to the world… “You know the rules, Johnny,” she […]