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  Hello Darling, my name is Heather. You will revel in my company because I am so much fun to be around, and I am open to anything that you want to try with me. Just think of me as your plaything, and I will do whatever you want, sexually. If there something you always wanted to try but feel embarrassed to talk about it with anyone? Well, that is why I am here – so we can do more than talk about it. We can role-play teacher and failing student if you want. That would be so exciting. I will have to go to detention because my grades are just so bad, and you and I will be the only ones in the room. You can lock the classroom door and tell me to sit at the front of the class so no one walking by will be able to see us. And you can tell me that I won’t be able to pass your class unless I am a good girl and do everything you say.

I won’t want to frustrate you, so I will obey when you stand directly in front of my face and unzip your pants. I will remain seated in my chair when you hold your erect cock and press it up against my lips. When it leaves that slimy stuff on my lips, I will listen to you when you tell me to lick it off my lips and when I am done tenderly licking it all off, that is when you will command me to open my wet mouth, and you will push your dick into my mouth until it reaches the back of my throat. I won’t make a noise to jeopardize us being caught, so even when my eyes tear up and I am gagging on your gratifying dick and my slippery saliva, I will proceed to suck you off.

I will remain perfectly still when you unbutton my uniform shirt and stick your manly hand inside to touch my young tits, and as you grab them while throat fucking me – I will be such a good girl for you. If you want me to bend over your wooden desk amidst all the student papers, I will do that. I will let you do what you want when I feel your calloused hands lifting my school uniform skirt, and I feel my white cotton panties being ripped off me. I know that you are going to take what you need, and as I feel you pressing your meaty dick up against my tight, young, and tender pussy, I will let you ravish me until you cum inside of my tight cunt. Afterward, when you tell me to straighten myself up and fix my hair – I will not tell anyone what happened. It will be a secret that I keep forever. All I will do is smile when you give me my passing grade, and no one will ever know about this.

Call Me 1-888-430-2010

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October 1, 2023
Mommy’s Little Pet
Mommy Candy is going to make her little submissive sissy into a well trained little pet.  You will crawl around all your hands and knees and be at mommy’s beck and call.  Mommy will have a special collar made just for you.  Letting everyone know who you are, what you are and who you belong to. That way when we go out mommy can attach your leash to your cute little collar.  Mommy will also have special butt plugs made for you, ones with bushy tails attached.  That way mommy can choose which animal pet you will be.  Maybe an adorable puppy or a cuddly kitty cat, or something else completely. Mommy just loves to see you wag that tail, shaking your cute little butt.  Sit up and beg and show mommy what a good […]
October 1, 2023
Gregory Gets A Pretty New Babysitter
“I told you, your opinion on this matter is moot,” said Brenda when Gregory begged her to cancel the babysitter she had hired to look after him while she went out for the evening. Brenda had hired Jessica to look after him while she went on a date. Jessica was the daughter of a neighbor and a senior in high school who was willing that evening. Before Gregory could try to reason again with Brenda, the doorbell rang, and she opened the door to the babysitter. Gregory was lovestruck by Jessica’s figure. She had long brown hair, perky boobs, and was very beautiful. While Gregory played in his room, Brenda went over the house rules with Jessica and explained his bedtime routine and how he needed a bath roughly an hour before bed. Brenda and […]