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  Hello, my sweet darlings, I know exactly what you need… you need the tender loving care of Mommy Crissy. I am passionate about making my babies feel good. All babies dream about having a mommy like me to give them the sweet treatment that makes all their cares go away. I am not the kind of mommy that takes herself too seriously, and I am the kind of mommy that likes to have loads of fun with her babies. You will never know what to expect when I give you your bath with many soapy bubbles. Sometimes I will play footsies with you in the bathtub and tickle your little wet toes one after the other, and sometimes I would play doctor with you, and I would soap up a body part, and as you what, it is. There are those times where we had a little too much fun, and I had to end up changing the bathwater because when we played doctor, and I touched the body parts for you to name them, you would explode and shoot your little cummies all over yourself. You would not tell me when you were getting to the point of climax, but you would quietly enjoy when I would rub on your wet and soapy penis. Eventually, I knew what would happen because your little prick would get so hard in my fingers that I just knew that it would be a matter of time until you came. I remember how it looked when you shot it out too. It reminded me of a miniature volcano erupting creamy milk. And not too long after you came, you would be flaccid again for a few minutes, and then the process would happen all over again, and you would cum again in the bath. Mommy loves it when you return the favor. After your bath, when I take you inside to dry you off, lotion and powder you up, and then put your ABDL crinkly diaper on, it would be your turn to make mommy feel good.

I must take off my clothes and peel my panty to the side to expose my pussy lips, and you would know just what you must do. I love it when you crawl between mommy’s legs like it is a secret treasure hunt, and when you stumble upon my pussy with your lips, it is as if you won the grand prize! I enjoy our special times together when we take care of each other’s sexual needs. There is nothing wrong with what we do when we have our special kind of fun. My motto is, “if it feels good, then there is nothing wrong with it.” And every time you share special moments like this with me, it is always a particular time. I also love to suck you off after your sudsy bubble bath time sessions. Your penis is usually fresh and slightly cool from the bath, and I love putting it in my warm mouth to heat it. I make sure that I take my time and lick and suck you like a lollipop. I know that you like it when I find that special secret spot underneath your cock to lick, and I will purposely stay there and move my tongue in a slow pattern from side to side. I also enjoy slightly stroking and massaging your balls as lightly as a feather. Your balls feel so fleshy, spongy, and soft in my petite hands. When I suck your cock, I will get some pre-cum in the back of my throat, and this is usually the icing on the cake because it lets me know what your cum will taste like that day. Mommy takes care of you, and this also means that mommy feeds you. Depending on what you drank and ate for the day, if your cum is sweet, I know it is because I provided you with chopped up pineapples. If your cum is salty, then I know that you may have had a little too much steak. This is why there is a phrase that says, “you are what you eat.” Because the texture, taste, and feel of your cum changes all the time based on what you ate.

Though I enjoy my ABDL babies so much, I also love to take first-timers and seasoned sissies through my beauty treatment transformational session. I love to take them from “wham to glam” in a matter of minutes and teach them how to bring out the beautiful woman that they have had trapped inside for most of their lives. I also teach them that being sissies is not just about putting on pretty dresses, stockings, and shoes – it is also a state of mind. You must already feel beautiful on the inside before it can show the outside. The way that you must talk like a sissy, including the way that you eat, stand, and sit, all has to be done methodically. The sissy mindset also means referring to your genitals as feminine and not masculine. I also teach my sissies the best products to use for shaving purposes, including how their eyebrows should shape their faces. I bring out the very best in my babies and my sissies. I make them feel comfortable enough for them to be themselves – their true inner selves. And when my sissies have mastered the art of being sissies, this is when I would ask them if they are ready to take it to the next step. If they inform me that they are prepared, they will go out in their car for a nice drive while dressed as sissies the entire time. Not all of my sissies are comfortable taking to that level, and that is fine. Everyone is different, and it is up to me to be here for whenever my sissies are ready to do something bold and brave, that I not only be there for them as their mommy but also as their cheerleader cheering them on.

Call Me 1-888-430-2010

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September 28, 2023
Jacob Gets Just What A Cuck Deserves!
Brenda was feeling unsatisfied with her husband, Jacob, for some time. It had quite a bit to do with how he dressed up like a sissy for her, and what kind of real man would do that? Her pussy has been bone dry around him since she first saw him in a flirty dress! One evening, Brenda came home with a strong, fit man, Claudius. Jacob swallowed dryly when he saw the man walk in. Everything about Claudius screamed alpha male, and instantly, he assumed control of the house. Jacob looked at Brenda but remained kneeling at the entrance as taught by Brenda, a glint in his eyes showing. Claudius chuckled, eyeing Jacob, and looked back at Brenda, smirking. Brenda told Jacob to follow them to the master bedroom, where he was made to kneel […]
September 27, 2023
Sissy Penelope Gets A Treat!
It wasn’t the first sissy pageant contest that Penelope was in, and definitely wouldn’t be the last. Sissy Penelope and her Auntie Brenda were used to all the stress before a competition, and they loved the pampering that always came with it. Penelope enjoyed being the center of attention, strutting along the stage for everyone to see how pretty she looked in all kinds of dresses, revealing swimsuits, and tight leotards. Penelope had so much experience and felt so at ease that she effortlessly swayed her hips and flipped her hair while maintaining eye contact with the judges. What for most girls in that pageant felt like a chore, Penelope loved it, changing her outfit and hairstyle for each category contest. All the other contestants were phenomenal, showing off their unique skills and wearing beautiful […]