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I am your sweet and loving Mommy Hazel, a pregnant lively, energetic, and exciting redhead. Because I am expecting, I have a ton of hormones raging all through my sensitive and swollen body that makes me incredibly horny all the time. Every single second I think about sex. I can't help it. I am sure that my sex drive is higher than yours. I masturbate at least ten times a day, and no matter how many times I cum, I always want more. Because I am constantly horny - I need you to take care of my sexual needs. Rub my colossal belly with your hands, as that makes me feel outstanding.

I savor it when you admire my beautiful milk-filled swollen tits, along with my exquisite areolas. I am sure that you never imagined that someone so swollen could be so sexy. I am the epitome of what a sensuous mommy is. My body contains life, and you must worship it. Idolize my colossal tits and engulf the luscious milk out of them. Don't you love how enticing my milk tastes? I knew that you would enjoy my liquid gold because it is directly from my pregnant body. Also, my pussy is the wettest that it has ever been since I became pregnant. It is like a river of vaginal secretions down there that I won't need to use any lubrication when we fuck.

Lots of my body is swollen, including my feet, so you will have a lot of worshipping to do. After we fuck, I want you to rub my swollen feet; grab them in your hands, and massage the tension out of them. Hold my feet in your hands, run your fingers up my calves, and let your thumbs massage my shins. Then when you conclude massaging my swollen legs, I will rest my feet on your balls and use my toes to stroke your cock. I know that you want it because my toes detect that you are hard as a rock. I will press down even harder, and as I hear your amplified breathing, it tells me that I am hitting the right spot. Back and forth, my toes will go as they grind up against your dick.

What a great feeling to have my feet on your cock. I don't want you to cum yet and end our fun. Place my feet in your hands and knead your fingers, one at a time, into each toe so that I can get some relief. Then after you have concluded kneading each of my toes, you will have to suck them. Suck my toes because the sensation of your warm and wet mouth wrapped around my toes makes me get even more excited. Satisfy my craving for cum. Fuck me good, and when you are ready to cum, shoot a big load in my mouth when I caress your dick with my talented tongue. You have the daily dose of protein that I need - so don't hold back and feed me your seed.

Call Me 1-888-430-2010


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March 9, 2024

Sissy Charlotte Has A Party! (part 2)

  (part 1) “Brenda, your pretty sissy is leaking like a faucet!” one of the ladies exclaimed, causing a round of laughter from the others. Brenda, the host of the party and also Charlotte’s mistress, came over with a smile and patted her head affectionately. “That’s because she’s such a slutty little sissy. She can’t help herself.”  “Look at her squirm; she’s so desperate to be touched!”  “She’s such a slutty little thing, always leaking like that.”  “Don’t you know you shouldn’t be getting this excited? Hard and aching in a pretty dress and heels? You are very naughty.” The women’s playful teasing escalated as they explored her tanned body, their fingers delicately tracing the contours of her purplish cage, slipping into the slits to feel the warmth within. Her senses were on fire, her clittie […]
March 9, 2024

Sissy Charlotte Has A Party! (part 1)

Sissy Charlotte couldn’t contain her excitement as she pranced around Auntie Brenda’s house, her flirty dress swishing around her thighs with every step. She couldn’t believe she was finally at her very own sissy party, surrounded by other sissies and dominant women! She just felt so happy, like her chest should burst out with how good she felt, and Charlotte couldn’t help but twirl, her lovely hair flaring out behind her. Her spontaneity caught some nearby sissies’ attention, and they laughed and twirled with her. She felt so pretty and feminine, surrounded by the other sissies who were all dressed in their gorgeous outfits. Charlotte thought they all looked like lovely butterflies flitting around in all the different colors and just as delicate and light. As she made her way through the crowded room, she […]